Monday, July 2, 2018

Open Borders, Population Replacement, and Globalization

Vox Popoli has a couple of instructive quotes on open borders that tell you what mass uncontrolled migration means for the European peoples. From the financial analyst and author N.N. Taleb:
What intellectuals don't get about MIGRATION is the ethical notion of SYMMETRY: OPEN BORDERS work if and only if the number of people who want to go from EU/US to Africa/LatinAmerica equals Africans/Latin Americans who want to move to EU/US.
That makes sense supposing that your idea of what will "work" is for the ethnicities of the world to be homogenized in the way that former French President Sarkozy demanded of the French, saying: "M├ętissage" [racial mixing] - It's An Obligation!

For some people racial mixing may be desirable. But that is a far from a universally shared ideal. Consider, for example, the South African, Julius Malema*, leader of the Marxist-Revolutionary Economic Freedom Party, speaking about the state seizure of all land owned by South African whites: "we are" he declared "cutting the throat of whiteness." No call there for "M├ętissage," rather a call for extermination. 

Hateful though such racist speech may be to some, it actually reflects the feeling of the great majority of the people of all races, states and nations. It is perfectly natural to prefer your own kind, and if you are foolish enough to admit to your domain large numbers of people of a different kind, then naturally they will displace you kind, first as the majority, as has already happened in many great European cities including London, Birmingham, Paris, and Franfurt, and then even as a large minority, as happened to the Amerindians, the Australian aborigines, the New Zealand Maori, and in South Africa, the San people, or Bushmen, following settlement of their country first by Europeans from the Netherlands and them by Africans from the North.

Open borders is thus not an invitation to a chosen few to come in and share our wonderful culture and make your small contribution to our gene pool. It is national suicide.

This is the point that Patrick Buchanan makes, in explaining how the current wave of immigrants is pushing former waves of immigrants out of power in the Democratic Party. 
Just as Crowley’s congressional district had changed, so, too, has his party in Congress. Columnist Dana Milbank, who sees it as progress, writes, “A majority of House Democrats are … women, people of color or gay.” These rising forces in the Democratic coalition are looking to bury the Democratic Party of yesterday, where white males and older ethnic groups — Irish, Italians, Poles and Jews — were dominant.
So, if you love human diversity, and in particular if you feel any loyalty to your own family, race and nation, keep the nations of the world apart, each to its own country, its own homeland, its own religion and its own mode of government, for the object of globalization is death to the nations of the world.

* Julius Malema is author of the book: "Kill the Boer."

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