Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Why Canadians Hate Donald Trump

Canadians so hate Donald Trump that when, following last week's $600-million-dollar G7 meeting in Canada, Trump called Justin Trudeau "Very dishonest  and weak," the Canadian Parliament passed, unanimously, a motion introduced by the opposition New Democrats, deploring “ad hominem statements by U.S. officials which do a disservice to bilateral relations.”

Why did the opposition come to the defense of Justin Trudeau? 

Because Trump is so hated and despised in Canada that the opposition parties cannot allow Trudeau to stand alone against Trump, since that would assure him near universal public support. 

And why is Trump so hated and despised in Canada?

Because the Government of Canada itself, its agent the Canadian state broadcaster, the CBC, and the liberals and leftists who comprise the vast majority of Canada's journalists and the employees of Canada's educational institutions and government bureaucracies despise and deride Trump. 

And why do the liberals and the left and the corporate media despise and deride Trump?

Because he threatens to destroy their racket. 

Here' the difference between Trudeau's Canada and Trump's America: Trudeau is a globalist, Trump is a nationalist. 

Trudeau holds that the Canadian nation does not exist. Canada, so Trudeau has declared, is "the world's first post-national state." What that means for Trudeau is that Canada is a place he is free to rule not in the interests of the native-born, who he considers less worthy than immigrants, but of whomever he pleases — ISIS terrorists, Chinese real estate investors, lobbyists for oil, Cannabis, whatever or whoever.

In his capacity as ruler, he talks with the billionaire class, the Aga Khan, the late billionaire drug manufacturer, Barry Sherman, Chinese RE investors, and then he, maybe, facilitates their plans and they, maybe, donate to the Trudeau Foundation, you know, like Hillary and the Clinton foundation.

Trump, is a nationalist (or so he wishes to be known), who aims to maximize American prosperity. That means retaining capital accumulated in America through the sweat of past generations, and imposing tariffs to insure that Americans mostly make stuff for one another rather than buying the products of off-shore sweatshop labor (and brains). By rebuilding American manufacturing, Trump can generating millions of decent jobs while restoring the incentives for clever students to study hard subjects like math, engineering, computer science, fields in which America once excelled, but is now rapidly being overtaken by the rest of the world.

So the difference between Trump and Trudeau revolves around the question of whether Canada and America are sovereign nation ruled in the interests of the voters, or merely places where a ruling elite arrange matters in their own interest and the Hell with the people. 

Clearly, then, the Trump doctrine has deadly implications for the Trudeau system of post-national governance without reference to the Canadian nation. But fortunately for Trudeau, Canada is a massively bureaucratic country and the institutions of education and government, not to mention the scribes of the corporate-owned and globalist media, can be relied upon to fight relentlessly against those who advocate for anything other than the existing corruptionist regime, after all, their jobs for life and index-linked pensions depend upon it. 

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