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Did Gerald Ford Blackmail US President Richard Nixon into Resigning Over Complicity in the JFK Assassination?

Who killed US President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy?

Well for sure it wasn't Lee Harvey Oswald as concluded by the report of the Commission headed by Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren.

Oswald, so the Warren Commission Report concluded, shot Kennedy from a sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository Building, which was directly behind the President's car at the moment Kennedy was killed. This, however, is refuted by the famous Zapruder video, which shows that the fatal head-shot drove the President's head violently backwards with a sound described by Texas Governor John Conolly, who was riding in the car with the President, as "like the sound of a pumkin dropped to the pavement from the roof of a five-story building."

Many will place no trust in the video record, video evidence being so obviously susceptible to tampering. However, there is conclusive evidence confirming what the Zapruder film shows; namely, the testimony of the doctors and surgeons who attended on the president at the Parklands Hospital where he died.

Here is the testimony of Dr. McClelland, the first doctor to observe the large exit wound at the back of the President's head from which a lump of brain tissue, part of the cerebellum, had fallen onto the stretcher on which the President had been laid.

And here is the sketch that Dr. McClelland made at the time showing the various wounds to the president`s head and neck:

Signed drawing entitled ''President Kennedy's Wounds," rendered by Dr. Robert McClelland, one of the physicians
who attended to John F. Kennedy at Parkland Hospital  after the President was shot. Source: The New York Post.

And lest you think Dr. McClelland some kind of nut, here`s confirmation from another of the attending physicians, Dr. Charles Crenshaw, who explains why he, and others attending on the President remained silent for so long about the contradiction between what the public was told about the cause of the Kennedy`s death and what they knew from direct observation to be the truth:

As for Gerry Ford, appointed by President Lyndon Baines Johnson to the Warren Commission, here is his role as reported by the New York Times 33 years after the assassination:
Thirty-three years ago, Gerald R. Ford changed ever so slightly -- the Warren Commission's main sentence on the place where a bullet entered President John F. Kennedy's body when he was killed in Dallas. Mr. Ford's change strengthened the commission's conclusion that a single bullet passed through Kennedy and wounded Gov. John B. Connally, -- a crucial element in the commission's finding that Lee Harvey Oswald was the sole gunman.
But if Kennedy was shot from the front, then one can hardly doubt that the Warren Commission Report was a cover up. And if the Warren Commission Report was a cover up, then it almost certainly covered up a conspiracy to murder involving the government.

Who in the Government? Well almost certainly that branch of government specializing in the assassination of heads of state; namely, the CIA.

But it is one thing to say that the CIA killed Kennedy and another thing altogether to say that the CIA had gone rogue. Yes there were people in the CIA who hated Kennedy for failing to send in the USAF in support of the CIA-orchestrated Bay-of-Pigs invasion of Cuba, when the invading force was bogged down on the beaches and being destroyed by the Cuban army and airforce. But it is inconceivable that the CIA would have acted without at least a nod from LBJ, the man who, as a result of the assassination, would be in a position to either destroy the CIA or provide the agency with a roof.

Furthermore, the CIA, a bureaucracy after all, and thus subject to all the Machiavellian calculation of any major bureaucracy, would have wanted more than Johnson's backing: they would have wanted bipartisan political support.

So who on the Republican side gave them a green light? Allen Dulles, the CIA Director that Jack Kennedy fired in the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs invasion, was no Democrat, but he was undoubtedly well connected on the Republican side of the aisle, his brother, John Foster Dulles, having served for six years as US Secretary of State under Republican president General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Who then in the Republican political world would have been in a position, through Allen Dulles, to give the assassination a go?

Nixon, the Republican defeated by Kennedy in 1960, was the then top Republican guy. So was it he, who gave the CIA the Republican backing for a contract on JFK? As to that, there is nothing well known in the public domain to indicate the truth.

However, there is a chain of events connecting Nixon with the assassination, albeit remotely. Prior to the assassination, it is known that Lee Harvey Oswald travelled to Mexico City where he applied to both the Cuban and the Soviet embassy for a visitor's visa and where he communicated with Valeriy Kostikov, a Soviet diplomat suspected of attachment to the KGB’s Department 13, responsible for assassinations and sabotage. How do we know that? Because both the Cuban and Soviet diplomatic compounds in Mexico City were:
thoroughly monitored by the CIA, which possessed tape recordings and transcripts of Oswald’s telephone calls, as well as photographs of Oswald as he went in and out. Source
It is known, further, that the head of the CIA office in Mexico City at that time was E. Howard Hunt, who it has been suggested, was present at Dealey Plaza the day of the Kennedy assassination,where he may have been one of three men dressed as tramps who were arrested that day.

But whether or not Howard Hunt was in Dallas the day of the assassination, there seems no question that he made a deathbed confession to involvement in the assassination (serving he said as a "bench warmer"). And there is no question that Hunt was hired by Nixon, with another Dealey Plaza tramp lookalike, Frank Sturgis, to among other things, burglarize the Democratic Party's National Committee Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel complex in Washington DC.

Why did Nixon authorize such a reckless undertaking? The stakes must surely have been high, and to find out whether the Democrats had information compromising to Nixon relating to the Kennedy assassination seems a plausible explanation.

The nature of such incriminating information is not obvious. Although Gerald Ford, Nixon's Vice President, and LBJ's appointee to the Warren Commission, is among the few who might have known.

So was Gerry Ford, a man described by LBJ as "too dumb to find his arse with both hands," in fact, smart enough to gain the Presidency by blackmailing Nixon to resign? Why not?

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