Sunday, June 17, 2018

Britain's Law and Order Minister Mugged in London

The Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, has revealed that he was mugged by motor scooter thieves who stole his mobile phone, shortly before he was given his latest cabinet role.

Javid, who is now in charge of the nation’s policing and security, said he was targeted by criminals outside Euston station in north London..Source

Sajid Javid, England's colorful
law and order Minister.
So in ethnically cleansed London, the Home Secretary, or law and order minister, in Thereason May's laughable named Conservative government, was mugged.

Good. Let's hope Thereason May, the nerve agent hoaxster, and the war criminal Tony Bliar are next to enjoy the benefits of their having turned the two-thousand-year old English capital into a multi-culti, Afro-Asian and East European shithole, to use the current jargon.

And among today's headlines:

Wild West London: Sixty moped attacks a day, a woman fights for life after mugging and drug crime on the rise as cops hunt for Michael McIntyre gang

Police failure on street robberies in Britain

Teenage boy and woman shot in London amid calls to tackle violent crime wave

Source: London Metropolitan Police

And in Belgium, where 70% of children in the largest cities including Antwerp and Brussels have an immigration background, the cucks are winning also.

 Moreover, whereas the overall fertility rate in Belgium was 1.74 children per woman in 2014, the fertility rate of non-Belgian women living in Belgium (was 2.32). So, good-bye Belgians.

Meantime, Putin says: "Russia Must Support the Family - Survival of Our People Depends on It"PUTIN: Russia Must Support the Family - Survival of Our People Depends on It, but the Brits and Germans prefer to be ruled by childless women who have contributed to the survival of our people neither personally, nor in the exercise of government power.

And lastly, from the Maverick Philosopher: Why leftists consider the death of the nation an inconsequential distraction from the real business of politics.

And in Related News:

New York Times: Fewer Births Than Deaths Among Whites in Majority of U.S. States (Proving that the world is unfolding as it should, or at least as a Liberal wishes to see.

Daily Mail: Bill Clinton's 'love child' slams the former president for showing compassion for the immigrant children separated from their parents at the border but 'abandoning his own son'


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