Friday, May 11, 2018

Political Correctness: State-Directed Intolerance

Paul Gottfried, writing at the Unz Review, argues that U. of T.'s Professor, Jordan Peterson, is wrong in his contention  that political correctness derives from post-modernist theory, beneath which banner  Communism has been imported to the West.

Rather, Gottfried argues, political correctness in the West is the manifestation of "a post-Marxist leftist ideology stressing universalism, equality, and the social guilt of white Christians, and more particularly heterosexual, male white Christians."

But neither Peterson nor Gottfried has it right. Political correctness is no more nor less than a new term for old fashioned intolerance, and specifically the intolerance promoted by the state.

In Europe’s 16th and 17th Century Christian world, political correctness (had the term then been coined) meant burning people alive for being a Catholic in a protestant jurisdiction, or for being protestant in a Catholic jurisdiction.

In Marxist-Leninist Russia, political correctness meant anyone opposing the Marxist-Leninist regime was to be “shot on the spot,” to use Lenin's phrase.

In Justin Trudeau's liberal, post-national utopia, political correctness means denying Federal Funding to organizations that fail to promote abortion, correcting women who use the term “mankind” instead of “peoplekind,” and terrorizing academics who fail to use whatever pronouns their students demand.

In America’s Obamoid-Clintonian dystopia, political correctness meant calling those opposed to illegal immigration, racial quotas, and “gay marriage,” a basket of racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, Islamophobic deplorables, and booting such people from their academic posts or programming jobs at Google.

So, yes. both Peterson and Gottfried are wrong about both the meaning and social function of political correctness. Political correctness is, and always has been, the state-backed intolerance of the powers that be.

In the West, today, the overriding power is a globalist conspiracy for world governance under the Money Power, as that term was defined by Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton's Georgetown University history mentor.

The chief obstacle to the fulfillment of the globalist plan is the sovereign, democratic nation state, of which the most powerful are the European or European-majority nation states. Hence the chief objective of political correctness in the West is to repress opposition to, and comment about the ongoing genocide of the European peoples by means of reproductive suppression and mass replacement immigration.

As to how it works, that's simple.

The state dictates what is to be hated and what it is hateful to hate. Hatred is the most powerful motivating force in politics. Thus, the elite have only to indicate who it is permissible to hate, and the  people readily take up the cause. Once hooked on the politics of hate, the people will never acquire a rational political outlook based on either objective reality or their own interests. They’re primed and ready for whatever the elite demand, whether it be gassing Jews, or the destruction of their own people who are to be replaced by people of an alien race, culture and religion.

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