Monday, December 4, 2017

Time for Tearful Trudeau to Apologize for the Theft of First Nations' Land?

It turns out that our lad, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is a cry-baby.

In October he wept publicly for Gord Downey while telling the weekly Liberal caucus meeting on Parliament Hill that the loss of Downey, a musician apparently, "made us less of a country."

Well, O.K., Gord was Justin's friend, so he said, so who can hold it against the PM for shedding a tear in public at the loss, or for the ridiculous hyperbole of elevating the composer of "Wheat Kings" (is that a breakfast cereal?) to the status of a national treasure.

But only a month later, at a ceremony in Goose Bay Labrador, young Justin was again in tears when apologizing for the abuse of first nations children at residential schools:

"I humbly stand before you to offer a long-overdue apology," he said. "To all of you," he said, while wiping away a tear, "we are sorry."

Now, on such an occasion, is it appropriate to weep? The apology expiates no personal sin. Justin Trudeau had nothing to do with Newfoundland's residential schools. As for the transition from "I" to "We," with its implied transfer of responsibility from Justin himself to all Canadians, he would have done better to avoid it, since Newfoundland was, at the time the abuse occurred, a British colony, not a part of Canada. Whereof no responsibility exists, thereof, no virtue by apology can be derived.

Canadians are, no doubt, sorry that abuse of first nations children occurred, and Canada, as the successor state to the United Kingdom, should seek to make amends for such abuse insofar as amends can be made, and insofar as those directly responsible for the harm, namely the private institutions that ran the schools, are unable to provide compensation.

But the PM is evidently on a tear of tears, as he followed the Goose Bay performance a week later with a a tear-wiping moment in the House Commons over past discrimination by the Government of Canada against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender persons.

That admitting “systematic oppression and rejection” of the GLBT crowd by past governments of Canada should so exercise the Prime Ministerial tear glands raises the obvious question: does he uses onion juice, or is our boy just too emotionally unstable to hold a position of major public responsibility.

As it is, one might expect Trudeau soon to be offering the ultimate in tear-jerking apologies to the first nations of Canada for the theft of their country. 

The question would then arise, how will the Prime Minister respond if the first nations leadership momentarily abandons its paid allegiance to the crown and asks when the son-of-a-bitch Trudeau is gonna hand back their land and remove his slick self from Native territory?

Then we would witness the remarkable spectacle of the tear-stained premier, giving what can surely be the only response possible, which would be a wrathful condemnation of First Nations racism  just like that of Canadians he condemns for doubting the benefits of mass replacement immigration* by all and sundry,* including Jihadist Muslims and undocumented immigrants.

* As we have discussed previously, Canada, like other Western nations has a far below replacement fertility rate, meaning that mass immigration will result in the early replacement of the current Canadian population and their limited posterity by people from elsewhere: that is, a state-managed crypto-genocide, which reduces the people of Canada to the status of disposable units of economic production. But then Trudeau has already declared Canada to be not a nation, which is another way in which Trudeau declares the people of Canada to be disposables, the equivalent of Hilary's "deplorables" — useless hicks who think that Canada is a democracy, and hence a country to be ruled in the interests of the native-born, not any abroad who might like to come here. 

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