Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Daily Mail: Theresa May's UK Government Complicit in Saudi Genocide in Yemen

Daily Mail, November 27, 2017: The British Army is secretly training Saudi Arabian troops to fight in Yemen, where the country has been accused of committing crimes against humanity, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Up to 50 UK military personnel have been teaching battlefield skills to soldiers who will be deployed in the so-called ‘dirty war’.

Thousands of civilians have been killed in bombing raids and an estimated one million children are facing starvation and serious illness as a result of the conflict.

The Army’s involvement is part of Britain’s ‘shameful complicity’ in the suffering, according to Tory MP and former Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell.

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That parson's daughter, Thereason May, gives not a damn about assisting the Saudis in starving Yemeni children by the million is not in the least surprising, since May's own government is engaged in genociding its own people by a combination of suppressed reproduction (i.e., state mandated sex "education" that teaches that the only sexual vice is reproduction) and mass replacement immigration.

In fact genocide is very much in vogue right across the Western world, from the frozen North, where Canadians have been informed by menswear model Justin Trudeau, that their's not a nation, and that the replacement immigrant crowd of non-Christian tradition are more worthy citizens than the native born, to the European continent where the media and political class automatically label those opposed to national capitulation to the multi-culti, race replacement party as "far right wing extremists."

In fact, the Treason Parties in power have unanimously pronounced a sentence of death against the European people. And should anyone object, there's always the Holocaust Remembrance crowd to claim genocide as their very own, copyright privilege, while branding other victims as frauds, racists and anti-Semites. 

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