Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Why white people go to the gas chambers in a quiet and orderly fashion

A comment over at Unz.com suggest that the Western nations are the victims of the cult of environmentalism. Thus:
If environmentalists had their way, they would use draconian methods (scientifically-engineered diseases or other methods) to reduce the earth’s first-world population, as they themselves see humanity as a pestilence (except for themselves).
This is a widely held misconception. The truth is far worse. There is no need for the ruling elite to use "scientifically-engineered diseases" to reduce the earth's first world population. They are already reducing the earth's first world population by a combination of compulsory sex "education," which teaches that the only sexual vice is reproduction, and the promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism, etc.

In addition, there is hectoring by globalist scum such as Pope Francis Bergigolo who urges white people to have fewer children, plus the ongoing redistribution of wealth (achieved through globalization) that, by placing ordinary folk under increased economic stress, contributes to the reduction in fertility of the first world nations.

 But it is evident that merely lowering first world populations by a reduction in fertility is not the goal, since the reduction in first world fertility is accompanied, and more than made up for, by mass race-replacement immigration, which as opinion survey after opinion survey has shown is opposed by the great majority (70% plus) of the indigenous people of the first world nations.

Google's $200 million-dollar-a-year head of PC enforcement
Sundar Pichai.
So the goal, evidently, is not population reduction but genocide of the European peoples in order to destroy the only real barrier to global governance by the Money Power: governance that will exercised by the Money Power via global institutions such as the UN, the WTO, etc.

 The dirty work in this enterprise is done by traitors like war criminal Tony Blair whose government surrepticiously accelerated immigration to Britain, and the cucks and morons in the education system and government and corporate bureaucracies that enforce the rule of Political Correctness, i.e., a rule of intimidation and punishment against those opposed to the genocide of their own people. Europeans must go to the psychological equivalent of the gas chambers in a quiet, orderly, and submissive fashion.

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