Saturday, August 26, 2017

Anti-Racism: The Nation-Destroying Poison of Self-Hating Cucks, Traitors, and Settler Immigrants

Racism is, fundamentally, about one thing:

Whose kids do you want to inherit your place in this world? Your own? The kids of your brothers and sisters? The kids of all those of your own race, nation and civilization?

Or do you want to hand your small patch of this earth, your home, the home of your people, the people of your own race and culture, to people of an alien race and culture?

If the former, you're a racist. If the latter, you're almost certainly a cuck.

And if you're a cuck, you're almost certainly a dupe, controlled by the propaganda, threats, and the tyrannical laws of Political Correctness enacted by the legislative agents of the anti-racists.

Who are the anti-racists?

First, are the stooges and lackeys of the globalist Money Power that seeks to destroy the sovereign, democratic, nation states and institute a system of global rule under its own hidden hand. These treasonous lackeys include politicians on the make, journalists of the mainstream media, Hollywood execs., virtually all professors and school teachers, and the PC-enforcing minions of the globalist corporation such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and the Hollywood studios.

Since the nation state is the political manifestation of race and culture, the anti-racism of the Money Power is the poison with which the genocide of the most powerful nations, specifically the Western nations — the countries of Christian heritage — are to be destroyed.

Second, among the anti-racists, are the settler immigrants to the West, of whom the oldest group are the Jews, but which today include a vastly greater number of Asians, Middle-Easterners, Africans and, in North America, Hispanics.

Of the latter, many may be intent on assimilation to the ways and beliefs of the indigenous people among whom they have come to live. But many are of a settler mentality, intent on displacing the local people and culture.

Third, among the anti-racists, are the people oppressed by the existing nation states, particularly the Amerindians, the Australian aboriginals, the descendants of slaves, and the remnants of the white South African population that settled the Southern tip of Africa more than four hundred years ago — long before they foolishly admitted a mass of the now dominant Zulus, Xhosa, and other Bantu-speaking Africans.

Of those three groups, only the third deserves the respect or protection of decent people.

And if any Christian doubts the evil motivation of the alien settler, they should re-read the first five books of their Christian Bible, known to the Jews as The Torah. There they will see for themselves the fundamentally racist nature of the Jewish faith. It is Judea uber alles, and the sword or servitude for any who stand in their way.

It is for its fundamental racism that the Jewish Holy Scripture was included in the Christian Bible. It represents the law of survival in accordance with which Christians once lived.

But today, the Western nations have allowed traitors, dupes and a horde of money-making false prophets such as one of Oxford University's finest, Richard Dawkins, to ridicule their religion, eradicate their moral power of self-defense, and destroy their hope of survival.

The common people of the Western nations understand all of this in their hearts.

That is why so many America's of the blue collar class voted for Donald Trump.

It is why the great majority of people in America, Britain, Germany, and throughout Europe, East and West, are opposed to immigration. It is why, even in Canada under the flakey PC leadership of Justin Canada-Is-Not-a-Nation, Trudeau, the majority of the people have grave reservations about mass immigration.

Donald Trump's actions on immigration will determine his standing in the light of history. He will end the mass influx of cheap labor and Muslim settlers to the United States and be remembered as the savior of the nation. Or he go down in history as the worst American President of all time: loathed and despised not only by the EuroAmerican nation, but by those who have usurped the place of the European people in North America.


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