Sunday, June 18, 2017

Theresa May's Genius for Dumb Decisions

Theresa May. Source: The hypocrisy of the British elite.
As we pointed out at the time, Theresa May blew the Hinckley Point C nuke power plant decision, giving the go-ahead to a project that will see British households paying Chinese investors twice as much for nuclear power as they would have otherwise paid for power from a natural-gas fired generator, while creating an existential risk to the population down-wind of the plant, i.e., the people of Bristol, Oxford and London.

Was that dumb, criminal, insane, or what?

Then she blew the snap Brexit election, running the worst campaign in living memory based on the advice of her own hand-picked advisers.

Then she replaced her advisers with Gavin Barwell, now her Chief of Staff, the man who, as housing minister, "IGNORED desperate requests from fire chief for urgent action before horror Grenfell Tower blaze".

The only question that remains concerning Ms. May is when will she go? This week? Next week? Or is the UK Conservative party paralytic?

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