Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Is the Evidence for Climate Warming Incorrect?

As top climate scientists such as Al Gore never tire of reminding us, the "scientific consensus" on climate change is that the world is warming at an alarming rate, with the temperature having increased by six tenths of a degree Celsius since 1980.

However, Professor Fred Singer, who received the US Gold Medal Award for Distinguished Federal Service and who designed the satellite-borne instrument by which the temperature of the lower atmosphere has been monitored for decades, argues in a recent blog post that the reported climate warming of the past 37 years may be, if not fake, at least not real.
Specifically, Dr. Singer notes that the claimed temperature increase, which emerges from the analysis of world-wide ground-station measurements and ocean surface-water measurements are inconsistent with:
* the ground-station record for the US ‘lower 48’ states, which shows a much lower trend (the difference due, Dr. Singer suggests, to better control over the placement of weather-stations in the US than elsewhere);

* the trend of global sea surface temperature; with 1995 temperature values nearly equal to those of 1942 (according to Gouretski and Kennedy, as published in Geophysical Research Letters in 2012);

* the trend of night-time marine air-temperatures, measured with thermometers on ship decks (according to data from J Kennedy, Hadley Centre, UK);

* the trend in atmospheric temperature, whether measured with balloon-borne radiosondes or with microwave sounding units aboard weather satellites.
So how come the discrepancies?

According to Dr. Singer, major factors giving rise to an erroneous estimate of global warming may have arisen from two sources:

(1) An inconsistency between older sea-surface temperature measurements determined by bucket sampling or the measurement of engine-intake-water-temperature by ocean shipping, and more recent measurements with instrumented buoys, which register temperature closer to the water surface where significant solar warming occurs. 

(2) Radical changes in the number and locations of land surface measurement stations, with a large increase in the proportion of stations located at airports, where temperatures are artificially elevated by large and growing expanses of tarmac (urban heat island effect) and heat from an ever increasing number of aircraft movements.


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