Thursday, May 25, 2017

Jews, Traitors and the Self-Destruction of the European Nations

With only rare exceptions, people do not make themselves either intellectually or morally. The values of a society are established top down. Those values determine the success or failure of the group, whether it survives or dies.

The Jews, among others, understood a long time ago the dependence of group survival on national culture, and they created an ethical code that promotes the perpetuation and dissemination of both Jewish genes and the culture on which the survival of those genes depends. The Jews also understood that by penetrating the government of other groups they could manipulate other groups to their own advantage.

Today, there is massive Jewish influence within the power structures of the European nations, government itself, media, banks, entertainment, and publishing, and much of that influence is directed toward, or in any case has the effect of, destroying the indigenous people by undermining and debauching their cultural institutions. In this work of destroying the European nations, mass immigration and multiculturalism has a major role, as stupidly blabbed by the Jew, Barbara Lerner Specter (see video below).

The role of the Jews in the genocide of the European nations as racial and cultural entities does not absolve the stupid, greedy, vicious and depraved members of the indigenous leadership, many of whom participate in the destruction of their own people.

If they are to survive, the European nations should double down on their commitment to the security of Israel*, while encouraging unassimilated European Jews to migrate there. At the same time, the European nations should emulate the Israelis in their fierce determination to preserve their own racial, religious and cultural identities.


*The United States should show leadership in developing plans for settling the Palestinians in a homeland of their own. One solution would be for the US and EU, Britain and Israel to purchase from Egypt 20,000 square km of Sinai (the same as the area of Israel) to be called New Palestine. There, with several hundred billion in Western aid, less than a tenth the cost of the Second Iraq war. the Palestinians could be comfortable settled in modern cities surrounded by an oasis irrigated with water from solar-powered desalination plants.


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