Thursday, March 2, 2017

Le Pen Rips Merkel: Betrayer of the European Peoples, Advocate of National Submersion by Immigration, Promoter of Austerity in the Interests of German Hegemony in Europe, US Puppet

Yesterday, the Guardian had an article raising the spectre of genocidal class war precipitated by the replacement of humans with robots. But the Guardian is, to put it charitably, behind the times. There is already a genocidal class war in progress in Europe and North America, as the money power seeks to destroy the indigenous working class by a combination of job offshoring to low-wage jurisdictions and local labor replacement by mass immigration of Third Worlders willing to work for less without complaining about workplace health and safety issues.

This is the war between economic nationalists and globalists, and so far the globalists are winning hands down. Hence, in London, the capital of the United Kingdom, the English are now a minority in their own homeland. Ditto, within a decade, Birmingham, England's second city. And already in other towns and urban centers throughout Europe, the indigenous Europeans are being overwhelmed by a flood of immigrants of an alien, race, religion and culture.

The European people in both Europe and North America are finally beginning to get it: they have been slated by a treasonous elite for elimination by a combination of suppressed fertility, increased mortality and mass replacement immigration. Now they are reacting, hence Brexit, ClintonExit, and soon, it seems probable, Frexit and Nexit.

Meantime, Le Pen rival for the French Presidency, banker Emmanuel Macon, tells the dying French nation" immigrants are good for France and bring “fresh bursts of creativity and innovation” to society (see image below).

Immigrant riot in Paris. Image source.

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