Thursday, January 26, 2017

Russian Propaganda Outlets Trash Britain's Anti-British Propaganda Outlet, the BBC

If you support those who promote a corporate-owned New World Order — folks like Hillary Clinton, George Soros, "Fuck-Trump" Madonna, and their media enablers and promoters such as CNN, ABC, the Guardian, the Washington Post, etc. — then you naturally agree with the New York Times, the BBC, Justin Trudeau and Angelina Joli of the Cecil Rhodes-inspired Council on Foreign Relations (for global empire) that Russia represents the greatest threat to all that is good and noble as it seeks world domination through puppets such as Donald Trump, who it is alleged, are controlled by the devious Vladimir, the-New-Hitler Putin, by a combination of bribery and blackmail.

The government of Russia, naturally, disputes this consensus among Western liberal elites and deploys its own propaganda agencies to spread awareness of the fact that the globalist agenda aims at the creation of a tyrannical system of corporate control that will destroy the world's racial and cultural diversity in the interests of corporate profits and the supremacy of a tiny billionaire elite. We, and particularly Europeans, are, so Russian propaganda warns, targeted for elimination, once-proud and independent nations being literally exterminated by a combination of anti-reproductive policies and a flood of replacement population of alien race and culture from throughout the Third World: this genocide taking place as Western Civilization and Christianity are flushed down the memory hole to be replaced by a culture amounting to nothing more than a byproduct of the commercial system.

The Russians, naturally, dispute this view, and in the articles linked below, Sputnik, a Russian Government propaganda outlet, lets fly at the BBC, the Western world's premier globalist and anti-nationalist propaganda agency. It makes a case both entertaining and compelling:

BBC Unleashes Frantic Propaganda War on Russia AND America!

Notorious for its relentless globalist disinformation, is the BBC now a threat to not just internal political stability in target states- but to world peace?

The Holy Grail of heavyweight diplomacy in the 70s and 80s was détente between the West and Russia. Now, as a lasting settlement of unresolved issues from frozen conflicts and missile defence becomes possible, with NATO armies parked just 135km from St. Petersburg, hopes for a world that is both safer, and fairer, are under siege from the globalist order.  
The BBC, due to its state funding, vast infrastructure, political connections to the elitist cartels, and fervent multicultural ideology is a prime weapon in the unfolding battle between free peoples and the soft totalitarianism of nation-hating globalism.  
Fatefully, the precious opportunity to defuse the tangled mess of broken promises and ruthless opportunism that has left the Baltic and Ukraine trapped on a geopolitical knife-edge and Europe defenseless before the mass migration tidal wave is now in utmost peril as both America and Russia face a barrage of globalist disinformation. Make no mistake, the BBC’s true goal is to undermine democracy whether that’s in Washington, post-Brexit Britain, or, indeed, the Kremlin.   

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Meantime, Russia Insider, issues another jeering slap at the Beeb, under the heading: BBC is 'Worse than a Whore' - Russian TV SLAMS Trump 'Documentary'.

Since the BBC has been Broadcasting Bullshit Constantly for years, one is inclined to think that the Russians have a good point or two.

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