Monday, January 30, 2017

Paul Craig Robers: Progressive Left Opposition to Trump Rrepresents the Triumph of Hatred Over Common Sense


The Western media have become the political opposition.

On the media reaction to Trump:
Why would you be against a person who says he's going to end dangerous political tensions with Russia and thereby save us from the risk of thermonuclear war?

Why would you be against a person who says he's going to see that the working class have some kind of economic prospect that leaves them with a stake in the system?

Yet the liberal progressive left as represented by the media cannot get enough of expressing their hatred and revulsion for Trump.

So who are the progressive liberal left?

War mongers who hate the working class?

That's what you'd have to conclude: the enemy of the working class, today, is the liberal progressive left.

On globalism:
Globalism only benefits a handful of the elites.

It destroys the working classes in the developed countries.

And it destroys agriculture in the undeveloped countries.

Globalism is a huge plague on mankind, that only benefits a few oligarchs.

Trump is a billionaire, but he's not an oligarch, because his interests are not in these global areas.

His interests are not in the military-security complex, they're not in the financial sector.

Trump's interests are in New York real estate and entertainment, which is not the base from which the ruling oligarchs come.

In a sense Trump is one of the people. ...

On Trump's Character:

What if Trump is a misogynist?

What does it matter?

What if he is a misogynist, if he can save us from conflict with Russia?

If he can restore some economic hope to the working class?


  • the failure of the media on the protection of the environment in the interests of working people in Flint Michigan, and elsewhere; about restraining the police for the protection of all people, black, brown or white;
  • Britain's parliamentary vote on Brexit ordered by the judges to give the globalist oligarchs an opportunity to buy the vote;
  • Western population blind to the contempt of the elites for democracy;
  • Theft of the party presidential nomination, but the party called "Democratic;"
  • US sanctions on Russia an insult based on lies.

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