Thursday, January 12, 2017

Aangirfan, aka Aanirfan, Is STILL a Fraudster

As we pointed out in:

Aangirfan, aka Aanirfan, Is a Fraudster,

the conspiracy theory blog, Aangirfan-aka-Aanirfan, has used pictures of Donald Trump with his own children to imply that Trump is a child abuser.

 Aangirfan, aka Aanirfan, is thus, in the current terminology, a creator of fake news.

The Aangirfan, aka Aanirfan, post referred to in our earlier report, which described Donald Trump as a Nazi Zionist, has now been deleted. However, in a post published today entitled:


Aangirfan, aka Aanirfan, employs the same fraudulent technique to smear Trump as a paedophile.

Donald Trump with daughter Ivanka
The new smear piece features the image shown at the right with the caption:

Donald Trump has had a business partner, Tevfik Arif, who was prosecuted for trafficking underage girls.*

The intended inference, clearly, is that Donald Trump is with an "underage" girl with whom he intends to sate his unnatural lust.

What Aangirfan aka Aaanirfan does not mention is that the "underage" girl in the photo is Donald Trump's Daughter, Ivanka.

As for Arif, he was the founder of Bayrock, a New York property developer that, in the first decade of the 21st Century engaged with the Trump Organization in several abortive real estate projects. Arif's prosecution for trafficking women occurred last year in Turkey. The attempt to connect Trump with the business of trafficking women, underaged or otherwise, is thus as devoid of credibility as the smear about paedophilia.

Ex-MI6 Agent and fake news compiler Christopher Steele
Source: BBC
Aangirfan, aka, Aanirfan's new post naturally includes a link to the now debunked fake news about Trump hiring whores in Moscow to piss on a bed in some arcane ritual supposedly detrimental to President Obama.

That fake news report was compiled by the now in-hiding former MI6 operative Christopher Steele.

MI6 is the British foreign intelligence service that provided the Blair Government with the fake evidence of Saddam's Nukes that provided the public justification for the criminal Bush-Blair war of aggression on Iraq.

Image source.
Curiously, Christopher Steele looks a lot like murdered Democratic National Committee operative Seth Rich. But maybe that is just a coincidence.


Zero Hedge: Financial Times Editorial Seeks Restrictions On Free Speech To Stop False News "Propaganda War"

What the Fin. Times means is that by restricting "Free Speech," people won't ever learn what fake news the Fin. Times and the rest of the MSM are telling. 


  1. You are fraudster and trying to cover these horrific crimes of elites ?

    BE AFRAID, be V E R Y afraid...this is beginning of the end for elites.

    Go back to hell with reptiles, go back to the darkest shadows with your masters, time is ticking away for you,
    soon people will be free.

    And this will crush you and your"masters" completely :

    BE AFRAID, be VERY afraid.

    And keep OFF Aanirfan !

    1. Seems that Aanirfan is not only a fraudster but a terrorist too.