Friday, December 30, 2016

Crap Canadian Journal Inadvertently Publishes Exposé of Its Own Corrupt Operation

A website accused of publishing fake science has posted an editorial saying that it, and others like it, are “predators” that treat legitimate scientists as suckers.

It’s an editorial that was written and submitted by the [Ottawa] Citizen, as part of our own little experiment.

Scientists should “park any ethics at the door” before publishing in the Journal of Applied Molecular Cell Biology, the journal’s own editorial adds.

We suspect the journal may have published the piece online without actually reading it — which would explain why it allowed its own editorial to accuse it of cheating, of being a wolf in sheep’s clothing that preys on scientists, of self-aggrandizement and of smelling bad.

The publisher is Consortium Publication of Saskatoon, which publishes using the logo and links of the Indian company OMICS International. OMICS publishes about 700 low-quality online journals and has recently been acquiring Canadian journals that were formerly independent.

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