Tuesday, October 18, 2016

When Anti-Semitism Is Both Patriotic and Just

The United States is, and always has been, a plutocracy. Legislators and the Executive are elected, but they take election campaign funds and, in most cases, personal benefits (the use of corporate-owned executive jets, fishing lodges, plus after-office directorships, consultancies, book deals, etc.) from the moneyed interests. These payoffs are absolutely guaranteed, not because the paymasters are honest or inherently trustworthy, but because they have to convince the next lot of office-holders that they will get theirs. Moreover, the same interests fund both parties. Thus, when a Money-Power-controlled Republican or Democrat gets the boot from the House, the Senate, or the Oval Office, they are replaced in the House, the Senate, or the Oval Office by a Money-Power-controlled representatives of the other party.

This system of government is not necessarily all bad. It insures that the ship of state does not veer crazily from one direction to another with every turn in the electoral fortunes of the ruling political parties. Moreover, the legislators and the President are elected and thus do no doubt endeavor to do good to their constituents, or at least to appear to do good to their constituents, so far as that is consistent with loyalty to their financial backers.

The appearance of doing good to the voters is often fulfilled by an exercise in what is known as triangulation, which is to say the adoption of public positions that attempt to justify service to the moneyed interest by describing such service in terms that make it appear beneficial to public at large. Thus for example, massive contracts for the procurement of more or less useless military equipment are justified in the name of national security.

Presumably, whenever possible, service to both the Money Power and the people is preferred, as for example, where local business interests obtain Federal subsidies for manufacturing or other activities that generate local employment. It should be noted, though, that in such cases, benefits to the constituents of one elected representative are liable to become a cost to taxpayers of all other representatives, so that no net overall benefit to the public results from such political intervention in the economy.

But America's ancient and relatively benign system of government is breaking down. The American elite, which formerly comprised a collection of regional interests, has through the rise of global corporations and, in particular, global financial and technology corporations, become constricted in membership and concentrated geographically, particularly in New York, Silicon Valley and a few other key centers of finance and high technology.

With this transformation in the location and interests of the Money Power, has arisen a contempt on the part of the political leadership and plutocracy for the common people of America, the majority of whom are no longer seen to serve any useful purpose. Thus Democrat President Obama, characterized the population of Red-State America as  "bitter" white people "clinging to their guns and their religion". Even more contemptuously, Hilllary Clinton, speaking to donors in New York, described Donald Trump supporters as  "irredeemable," "not American" "deplorables".

With such attitudes, the time when the majority of the political elite worked for the benefit of the people in Bunkum/Buncombe County, North Carolina  or wherever it is they are supposed to represent is now past. The folks back home are now regarded simply as dumb voters, the counterpart of Henry Kissinger's military "dumb animals," whose role is to vote or fight as they are told and otherwise to shut up, or better still clear out or die off.

At the same time that the American elite has become much more highly concentrated geographically and socially, its ethnic composition has radically changed. Of America's wealthiest, something like 24% (and here) are Jews who, unlike the WASP elitists they have replaced, have little racial kinship with the mass of Americans. Moreover rich Jews are massively politically active both in the media, where they have widespread control, and in financial contributions to political campaigns. This year, it is estimated that Jews account for half of all contributions to the campaign of Democratic Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

That so many American billionaires are of one nominal religious sect might not matter. If they were Quakers for example, or Methodists it would probably have no discernible political consequences. Jews, however, as adherents of a blatantly racist religion, are usually, and especially in the case of elite Jews, committed to the tribe and to Israel, which defines itself racially as the "Jewish state."

Compounding the problem of massive Jewish influence within the American elite, and among the elites of America's vassals and tributaries, including Britain, Canada and Australia, is their concentration in global business enterprises including banking and in the media and education. The result is that the American political elite, largely supported, no doubt, by many non-Jewish members of the Money Power, has turned to treason to keep its place and privilege on Capitol Hill and in the White House and on the bench of the Supreme Court. This means flat out support for globalization, including trade deals that supersede the powers of the national government, non-enforcement of immigration laws as a means to undercut domestic wages, and the promotion of political correctness and multi-culturalism to promote the destruction of national coherence, and hence the ability of the people to resist elite-driven destruction of the EuroAmerican majority and United States sovereignty.

To defend themselves from criticism of unpatriotic and self-serving behavior, many elite Jews in America now treat criticism of international business corporations and their practices of off-shoring jobs, their promotion political correctness, multi-culturalism, international trade agreements that overrule national sovereignty, and the dispatch of American troops to fight wars for global capitalism, as anti-Semitism.

While most American Jews are presumably good people, and while many American Jews, and perhaps a great majority, are American firsters, Americans will not for long continue to have a country unless they push back with great force against their treasonous, globalist, plutocratic and in large part Jewish elite that is bent on America's destruction. That means attacking the integrity and morality of a large proportion of America's most prominent Jews. This will be called anti-Semitism. Indeed the New York Times is already calling criticism of the globalist Money Power Anti-Semitism, which is a clear acknowledgement of the destructive behavior of America's elite Jews.

In this context, the slur of anti-Semitism should be ignored by Americans, Jewish or otherwise. If Semitism threatens the destruction of the nation, it is both just and a patriotic duty to oppose it. And, today, if the United States is to avoid remaking its economy on Third-World lines and the transformation of its culture to that of the Tower of Babel, it will have to work rapidly to transform its age-old system of governance, to curb the power of a usurping elite.


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