Monday, October 24, 2016

America's Failed Democracy

American democracy has failed on many levels.

(1) The aggregation of the media, print, radio, film, television and most of the Internet, by little more than a handful of giant corporations including Time Warner (now about to be swallowed by AT and T), Comcast, Walt Disney, Google, 21st Century Fox, marks the transition of a free press, an essential component of a meaningful democracy, into a Money Power mouthpiece.

(2) The control of K – early middle-age education by the state, which has resulted in the transformation of education into a system of politically correct indoctrination that has destroyed the freedom of thought essential to a meaningful democracy.

(3) The deployment of billions of dollars in election campaigns has excluded from contention all candidates but the very rich, for example, Donald Trump, or the agents of the very rich, for example, Hillary Clinton.

(4) The pathetic reliance on unreliable mechanical voting machines, or hackable electronic voting machines to determine the alleged vote, when all real democracies use paper ballots that can be counted, and if necessary, recounted, and which cannot, once marked, be switched to an alternative candidate, and which can be counted under the eye of all parties to the election.

The fact that in the forthcoming US Presidential election the vote in 16 states will be tallied with electronic voting machines made in the UK by a company in which the Nazi Jew billionaire, George Soros, a committed backer of Hillary Clinton, has a financial stake, totally undermines the credibility of the election.

Pathetic, really, how a once great nation has sunk into the abyss of near universal mendacity and corruption.


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  1. All good, this.

    What sucks is that the "once great nation" was actually only the brief middle period when the US kept itself mostly to itself, from the debt-paydown period after the Blues and the Grays went at it till maybe Wilson's lust to get into The Great War. (Or was he blackmailed? Sources differ.)

    Post World War II conservatives saw to it that "minding our own business" would never come again. Interesting that they kept a mantra going from '47 on, one thing over and over: A Republic, not a Democracy. William Buckley Jr was the chief propagandist, but whatever the source, it won the hearts and minds of the sour bellies that make up much of the population.

    History itself seems to regard Republicanism (the political philosophy, not the party) with some wobbliness. Nobody can read even a short history of the Serene Republic of Venice without laughing. The Roman version went to the dogs with plenty of documentation, but America's political class seems unaware, or worse, too aware, that in the end all republics go to the highest bidder.

    The curious part is that Bill Buckley was indeed a Frat Guy of the sort Henry Makow keeps track of. Buckley's number came up (thanks to Antony C. Sutton's sleuthing) as a Yale Skull and Bones inductee, 1950.

    A bunch of us vets in the post-Vietnam era tried to pile into the then-new Libertarian Party. Turn it into a "mind your own garden" thing. God were we naive. We sincerely thought the post-1975 USA would learn from the lessons of the Asian debacle.

    I'm guessing once the trek west ended and the highways paved, the American People themselves became problem number one to the top echelon. They certainly seem to think so.

    "Once great"? Maybe once needed. Now the rich want the American people out of the way, and they're making no secret of it.

  2. "Bill Buckley Jr. was the chief propagandist"

    The amiable if ridiculously self-important William F. Buckley, Jr. worked at one time for the CIA in Mexico under the direction of Watergate burglar and confessed Kennedy assassination participant, Howard E. Hunt. Naturally, whatever narrative he propagated would have been a fraud.

    There's an amusing book by Buckley's son, Christopher, about his parents, which is worth a read if you happen to see a copy for less than a dollar in a used bookstore. It well reveals the kind of irresponsible personality best suited to a career of government-sponsored crime.

    1. Will do.

      There is a used book pit not far from me and I suppose bush-league Borgia might be interesting.

      When Bill Buckley's wife died it might have inspired the only witty line associated with Henry Kissinger, according to Robert Fulford who wrote

      "She liked to say, "I'm just a simple country girl from the woods of British Columbia." If that were true, Kissinger said in his eulogy, he would hate to meet a complicated country girl from the woods of British Columbia."

      Just like Pat Nixon's pretense of being just another harried houswife, these people live for their money and buff it with delusion.