Sunday, September 18, 2016

9/11: Living With Lies

9/11 has provided many people with an interesting intellectual puzzle, the solution to which, in outline at least, is fairly obvious, but which will never be publicly acknowledged short of a  coup d'├ętat in Washington, DC.

The reason the truth cannot otherwise be acknowledged is obvious: many people were involved in 9/11, which means that public recognition of the truth would necessitate mass trials and executions of members of both Democratic and Republican Party leadership, plus many prominent persons within the security apparatus. Almost certainly, corporate entities, their directors, and members of their technical staffs would also be implicated, together with security services and corporate entities of several other countries.

With so much at stake, anti-Truther push back is relentless and never ending. Hence the abundance of anti-Truther trolls and liars assisted by a host of dupes and crackpots, plus the consistent ridicule of Truthers by the media.

The lie of 9/11 is simply too stupendous to be acknowledged without blowing the US empire to smithereens. Thus, the best that 9/11 Truthers can hope for is to open the eyes of their fellow citizens to the fact that, as with the people of the former Soviet Union, living with lies is now a condition of their existence.

Aggressive Deception: Re-Writing the Narrative of 9/11:


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  1. W as Commander in Chief must have grounded the Air Force on the one day they were needed to stop those planes going off-course from Logan to hit buildings in NYC and supposedly also DC. Nobody else had the authority to do it. It was more than fostering a culture of not wanting to know.

    Interesting that W was letting in Saudis over the objections of security professionals. That could tie in the Saudis to the event too.

    1. ISIS: How it was created by the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar!

      - (just sharing).

    2. Actually, Dick Cheney was acting Commander-in-chief on 9/11. Dubya was listening to kids read "My Pet Goat," before shuttling from airport to airport in Air Force 1.