Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Why Do Liberals Promote Diversity? Because They Hate It

Malcolm Pollack has a sharp comment about liberal humbug on the question of human racial diversity.

Liberals have long denied the reality of race, gleefully dismissing any who disagree with them as racists. I say gleefully, thinking in particular of liberals in the EU, where the expression of racist ideas is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment.

But now the trouble for liberals, as Pollack notes, is that there are too many scientifically literate people exposing the obvious stupidity of denying that human groups differ in heritable characteristics — like West Africans, for example, being (some of them) very fast runners compared with the rest of humanity; or Australian Abos. having an exceptionally large visual cortex, which correlates with a superior capacity for finding one's way in the bush.

What's more, the existence of population differences in virtually every genetically determined trait follows as a matter of necessity from known past breeding patterns and processes of selection, mutation, and genetic drift.

So what to do? Well concede a bit, while continuing to call anyone who considers that racial diversity matters a racist. Thus Malcolm concludes with this wonderful quote from The Forward, the purveyor of "News for American Jews", American Jews being, of course, well known (not), both for insisting on the inconsequential difference in their racial and cultural identity from that of all other human groups and their readiness for their own racial mixing and cultural assimilation:
…the evidence that human biodiversity proponents adduce shows only that different genetic populations are just that: different. That’s certainly not news to geneticists, and it’s rather intuitive for the rest of us.
The weight of scientific evidence supports the reality of relative genetic difference, but not the essentialist divisions that form the basis for race theory — and the racist agenda of the alt-right.
"There it is, nature-lovers" as Malcolm remarks, "the squid, retreating, emits a puff of ink. The differences, we must reluctantly admit, are real, but not the “essentialist divisions."


But how to explain such rubbish?

The answer is to be found in the origins of liberalism. Liberalism is an intellectual or moral movement. It is a political ideology with roots in global capitalism. Liberals, seeks to subordinate the world to the great concentrations of capital represented by the global corporations, i.e., the Money Power.

Liberals are therefore fundamentally opposed to nationalism and the democratic nation state, which arises from geographic diversity in race and culture, the preservation of which militates against the maximization of return on global capital.

Hence the liberal drive to destroy diversity by promoting race mixing and multi-culturalism. Liberals acknowledge diversity as a means to destroy it. "Diversity is our strength" is the slogan of those who hate democracy, Trump supporters, and white people, or black, who want their posterity to look like themselves, talk like themselves, worship like themselves and love the same national heroes as themselves, unlike the botched and deracinated inhabitants of, say, Miami or, increasingly, Britain. In other words, miscegenate or die, as President Sarkozy commanded the French nation.

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