Wednesday, August 24, 2016

How Hillary Claims to Have Been Duped By Dubya's Preposterous Lies for War With Iraq

Amazing, really, that a candidate for the US Presidency in 2016 would claim to have been duped by Dubya's 2003 lies in justification of the criminal war of imperialistic aggression against Iraq.

At the time, I didn't believe a word of what we now know for absolute certainty to have been a stream of lies for war from Bush and Blair and their media accomplices, the New York Times (remember the scare about Saddam's aluminum tubes), WaPo, Fox News and the British Broadcorping Castration (remember Saddam's drones of death that would spread plague across the Western world), etc., etc. Neither did my old school bud, the late Postman Patel, aka Edward Teague, believe the obvious rubbish and lies propagated by the political class and the media to justify an war of aggression against Iraq.

In a precient essay he wrote about the, then, forthcoming Iraq war for my old Web site, the Canadian Spectator, Edward accurately predicted the disaster that the Iraq war would become:
What is uncertain is the aftermath. This is the variable never publicly factored into the thinking(?) of the Tony Sopranos of Dubya's gang; their deeds plant the seeds of future, furious, frightening resistance. As many as half a million Iraqi soldiers may be intentionally killed and perhaps 100,000 civilians written off to collateral damage. Think of the grief of millions after this slaughter, the conversion of that grief into rage, combine that with the internecine struggles based on historical ethnic fault lines (that the Ba'ath Party has repressed), and we begin to appreciate the explosive complexity of post-invasion Iraq.
In fact, this was not genius. It was just rational thinking that no doubt also underlay the war planning at the Pentagon and the White House. But acknowledging the truth about America's imperialistic wars of aggression can never be admitted. American foreign policy requires a bodyguard of lies and liars, which means that American politics now depends on the maintenance of an ever growing body of lies through the election of career liars such as the Bush's and the Clinton's aided by the ever mendacious corporate media oligopoly.

The American Republic, RIP.

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