Saturday, August 13, 2016

CNN Exposes Trump's Horrible, Bigoted, Racist View on Muslims


Donald Trump’s 2nd Amendment Warning Was on Target

Calling Trump a Racist Only Makes Supporters More Committed

Why The Media Disinformation Campaign Against Trump Will Fail
The .. fact .. is that this is still a very close race and the media is falling over themselves to try and trip up Donald. The same tactics were employed in the primary by 17 very qualified opponents, and all I really need to say is—where are they today?

It is interesting that the media is now taking an “All of the above” approach to their endless attacks... Gone are the blanket recitations of “Trump is a racist” or “Trump is a sexist.” Instead, the media is employing a tactic the Marines refer to as “spray and pray.” They don’t have any specific targets, but they know they are cornered, so they are wildly swinging about with their finger down on the full auto trigger. ...

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