Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What Will Happen to People When Robots Take Their Jobs?

Fred Reed has an excellent article at, which sets out with unflinching realism how nearly everyone will be made permanently redundant by the processes of automation, computerization, and robotization.

By implication, the article makes clear why the New York Times employs Paul Krugman: to ensure that no one understands how rapidly we are approaching economic Armageddon.

But Fred makes the mistake, which no good journalist should, of answering the question he raises; namely, how’s it all gonna end?

What Fred proposes is a state-funded minimum income for everyone, whether they work or not. This, in my view, is where Fred goes hopelessly wrong. 
The elite will not tolerate an unproductive population for long. They will destroy them, just as the European elites prior to World War II fantasized about killing off the useless eaters, an idea that Hitler and Stalin, and later Mao, applied on an industrial scale. 
At present Western elites are destroying the unproductive members of their own society by stealth: allowing them to rot, immersed in a trash culture, as they feed off the crumbs from the bankers’ tables. The result, premature death from obesity, drug use, despair, and a below replacement fertility rate.
Paradoxically, the Western elites, while genociding their own people, encouraging the mass influx of immigrants. There are four reasons for this: (1) to cheapen labor and thus raise corporate profits; (2) to destroy the cohesion of the nation state, thereby creating the conditions for global governance controlled by a mere handful of murderous financiers, (3) to replace the indigenous working class of below average energy, intelligence and initiative with people who, by virtue of their above-average energy, intelligence, and initiative, have migrated to where their economic opportunity is greater than in their place of birth, (4) to replace the indigenous people of the West with immigrants from societies where silly notions about human rights, democracy, and equality before the law hold no sway.
Eventually, large tracts of the Earth’s habitable area will be occupied by populations depleted of their most talented individuals and of no use whatever to the global elite. These folks the elite will deal with by one means or another: a virus, a bacterium, a famine, a nuclear winter. Who will know? Who will really care? These unnecessary people will simply disappear, and large tracts of the Earth will resume their proper use as places for extremely rich people with polished manners and the right clothesto hunt tigers, elephants, and run thousand-square-mile ranches worked by whatever remnants of the original population happen to remain.


  1. From Fred's article at unz:

    As time goes on and fewer and fewer people can find work

    EVERY civilization got there; there is nobody that got there got out alive.

    Yet every Free Market dweeb that cogitates for a living keeps pumping the point that "economies only grow if there are more people."

    Simpler: The elite wants more consumers and has no plan, even in theory, to make more opportunities for them.

    It's a whole lot more idiotic thsn Reed thinks. Whether the migrants in Europe (eg) are really Raspail's antiworld coming to destroy Christendom forever or not, the immediate justification for them is economic. And the economic theory is nutters, which I know we all know.

    Nobody in the Soros Circle cares about work for these people; they are there to consume. It's the tectonic crunch between the contradictory items on the elite's agenda that's here to destroy us all. And might.

    1. Yes, immigration compensates for stagnant or falling wages, keeping demand growing and profits rising, the demand being not only for consumer goods but for schools, hospitals, roads, airports, reservoirs, and drains, all funded by the taxpayer to the profit of the property developers and construction industry.

      But to judge by the first speech by Britain's new PM, the ruling class are getting a little anxious. Hence the bit about "the mission to make Britain a country that works for everyone."

      Like, we're not screwing you any more.