Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Plotting the War Against the Democratic, Sovereign, Nation State? Dubya, Bubba and Bliar Meet in an Arkansas School Basement

A school basement in Arkansas, the outhouse of America as H.L. Menchen dubbed that state, seems an unlikely place for a meeting of the three most eminent Western war criminals. But difficult times compel desperate measures, and with Democrats as well as Republicans chanting "Lock Her Up" before the next in line as globalist Conspirator-in-Chief has been placed, by whatever means necessary, in the White House, times are indeed desperate for the Globalist traitors.

I'm with HER: Hillary for Elite Rule
The unlikely purpose of this improbable summit meeting, or rather subterranean, huddle, was supposedly to be attendance at a graduation ceremony for the Presidential Leadership Scholars Program. Yeah, sure. And next week the Queen of England, the King of Siam and Anastasia, the long lost heir to the Russian throne will meet in Piddletrenthide, Dorset, England to attend the Women's Institute jumble sale.

These are, indeed, interesting times.


The Dark and Rotten Election

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