Thursday, July 21, 2016

Nationalists Versus Globalists

Nationalists believe that the occupants of a territory have all the rights of ownership to that territory including the right to govern themselves as they see fit, such governing rights including:

(1) the right to limit or entirely prohibit the settlement on its territory of people from elsewhere, such limitation being either general or specific as to the origins, religious beliefs, political affiliations, age, sex, health, financial resources, education, linguistic or professional qualifications or other characteristics of prospective immigrants;

(2) the right to regulate trade, financial transactions, and information exchange with foreign entities for the purpose of promoting national prosperity and security;

(3) the right to defend national interests by force of arms.

Globalists deny the legitimacy of the territorial rights of nations, recognizing only the claims of private property as legitimate. Globalists thus assert the moral right of private individuals, including corporations, to buy and sell property, and to move goods, capital, technology and people wherever it is most profitable, without regard for the rights claimed on behalf of citizens by sovereign nations.

Recognizing only private property rights, globalists seek to supplant the overriding authority of democratic national governments with undemocratic supra-national or global institutions such as the EU, NATO or the World Trade Organization. The primary function of these organization being to serve the interests of private property, particularly the great aggregations of private property, namely the global corporations.

To expunge the right of nations to control their own borders and to regulate trade, financial flows, and information exchange globalists seek to:

(1) control of national politics through the use of donations to political parties and individual candidates for public office, thereby purchasing loyalty to the globalist cause;

(2) after-office payoffs to politicians of the Blair and Clinton type who subvert the national interest by promoting the globalist cause*;

(3) use of corporate owned media outlets including newspapers, broadcasters, film-makers, and publishers to promote politically correct globalist memes to facilitate national self-destruction;

(4) through controlled politicians, to use state control of education to promote politically correct globalist memes to facilitate national self-destruction. 

The impact of globalization on people of different nations is variable. For people of the Western nations, the impact has been disastrous for many, since it has culminated in mass unemployment, especially among young people, as cheap labor from the poorest parts of the Third World and the former Soviet Union has flooded the West. This immigrant wave has created housing shortages, sky-high housing costs, and the need for massive tax-payer-funded infrastructure development — maternity hospitals, schools, universities, roads, etc., all to the profit of the Money Power, particularly the property developers, the construction companies and the banks who are financing the development boom. 

Additionally, the flood of immigrants to the West has destroyed the coherence of many poor neighborhoods in Western cities, created racial and cultural conflicts between natives and often aggressive immigrants with a settler mentality. In fact, immigration has resulted in the genocide of native populations in many urban areas, including in many of Europe's greatest cities where the indigenous population is now the minority, and often not even the largest minority. 


  1. Brexit, Globalism, Nationalism

    The elites were opposed to Brexit because globalism and centralized EU control is the way they evolved it over the years. Globalism enables multinational corporations, large banks, financial institutions, etc. to do business on a worldwide basis – subjected to fewer government bodies rather than many nationalistic bodies, each with their own set of rules, currencies, and boarders. . . . Originally, the European Union was a financial organization to enhance trade. That was good. . . . Unfortunately, over time, the EU surpassed these economic objectives and began to impose social regulations and controls on its member states. Frankly, people don't want that. They want local control – local law and order, etc. . . . The problem with Brussels is the same problem we have here in the United States with Washington DC – a president and an elite group of leftist bureaucrats increasingly attempting to control the masses. . . . The rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are strong indications of similar American dissatisfaction with a quasi-autocratic government in Washington DC. Perhaps in time there will be an United States Amexit ? – WAP 7-20-16

    Micro and Macro Free Trade, Good or Bad?

    I understand and agree with conventional economic thinking that free-trade is conducive to economic growth and human prosperity. However, I think this view is based on macro economics, i.e., the overall good of humankind throughout the world. . . . However, from a micro economic perspective, free-trade may not always be the best for a specific nation at a specific time, e.g., the USA. It seems the loss of American factory jobs has not been for the near term micro economic good of the United States. . . . And, of course, unfair trade in it's various permutations of economic manipulation by various countries cannot be scored as good for the global economy. – WAP 7-20-16

    1. Yes!

      And the benefit of globalization to the people of the World as a whole is rather small relative to the cost to the people of the developed nations who find themselves being genocided both racially and culturally by mass replacement immigration.

      The demands the globalist plutocratic elite make upon the ordinary folk in the West are comparable to the demands of a rich landowner who requires that his servants share their cottages and garden plots with an invading horde so as to increase the availability and lower the cost of labor to work the landowner's estate.

      Its a scam, in other words, promoted by people such as Mark Zuckerberg to enrich themselves at the expense of their much poorer fellow citizens.

      And for the Third World from whence most of the immigrants to the West come, there is the loss of many of their most able, best educated and most energetic people.

  2. See Charles Hugh Smith on the negative consequences of globalization for the developed world:

    Globalization's Few Winners and Many Losers