Friday, January 15, 2016

The Ongoing Destruction of the European Nations Is No Mistake

Over at the Unz Review, commenting on what was the basis of my post yesterday: Why Western Elites Are Destroying Their Own People By Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism, the pseudonymous Wizard of Oz argues that the ongoing destruction of the European nations is simply an unfortunate mistake, the consequence of leftist PC rubbish combined with the innumerate dopiness of Conservatives. Thus he writes:
I suspect that the reason for the unfolding disaster is more wishy-washy leftish PC and innumerate thinking even amongst Conservatives than anything as rational and deliberate as you suppose.
Much as one would like to think that this is correct, since it would mean the possibility of a change of heart among the elite that would permit the survival of the English nation, the view is entirely mistaken. The British, as with the other European nations, are as surely and deliberately targeted for destruction as were the Jews under the rule of the Nazis.

The British elite disdain the common people not only because, as discussed in my earlier post, they see them as only remotely related to themselves, but also because they consider them to be more or less genetically botched. The attitude is of longstanding.* Dr. Marie Stopes, Britain's pioneer advocate of birth control, held that only those able to "add individuals of value to the race" should be permitted to reproduce. This view was shared by leaders of both the left and the right. In Parliament, during the 1930's, Conservatives attempted to pass compulsory sterilization legislation to eliminate future generations of the genetically inferior. The attempt failed because Labour Party opponents saw the measure as an effort to rob them of their constituents. Nevertheless, intellectuals on the left shared the Conservative view of the degeneracy of a large part of the population. the Fabian socialist, H.G. Wells, for example, who was a welcome guest at both the Kremlin in the time of Joe Stalin, and the White House in the time of F.D. Rooseveldt, advocated a program of eugenics that would, without mercy, exterminate the unfit. Another Fabian socialist, the hugely popular Anglo-Irish playright, George Bernard Shaw, spoke fervently in favor of "lethal chambers" for the disposal of society's unproductive members.

These were not isolated extremists but representatives of mainstream British thought in the early decades of the Twentieth Century. Hitler gave the use of "lethal chambers" a bad name, but the underlying contempt of the elite for the lower classes remained. Moreover, beside widespread belief in the necessity of eugenics, there was an entirely different idea within political circles that drove, and still drives, genocidal thinking; namely, the ambition for global empire, the chief obstacle to which is the ethnic nation state. This globalist project, now spearheaded by the United States, had is origins in the work of the Rothschild-Rhodes-Milner group in Britain, whose activities were directly responsible for the creation of the Council on Foreign Relations, America's leading foreign policy think tank. About this movement, much can be learned from the works of Bill Clinton's Georgetown University history professor, Carrol Quigley, including not only "Tragedy and Hope," but the "Anglo-American Establishment" an unofficial history of the Rothschild-Rhodes-Milner group and its pro-globalist activities during the first half of the 20th Century.

Bill Clinton, incidentally, was a beneficiary of the empire-promoting Rhodes Trust that funds Scholarships to the University of Oxford. But in an effort to bite the dead hand that fed him, Clinton recently repaid the Scholarship that he received from the Trust, a gesture apparently in support of those students at Oxford intent on the destruction of a statue of Cecil Rhodes. Oddly, many of the students so demanding, are it seems, Asian or African, the very people to be advantaged by the Rothschild-Rhodes-Milner plan for global empire and the genocide of the British people by mass immigration.

* See, for example, Chapter III: "A Sickness in the Racial Body" in Richard Overy. 2009. The Twilight Years: the Paradox of Britain Between the Wars. Viking, New York.


CanSpeccy: Why Western Elites Are Destroying Their Own People By Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism

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