Monday, November 16, 2015

A Politically Correct Civilization Cannot Stand

Political Correctness (correctly spelled with caps) is now the religion of the West, and it is destroying us.

The lunatic, welcoming response of the New World and European leadership to the invasion of their homelands by hundreds of thousands of military-age Muslim males from Syria and other countries, these to be followed by millions more, confirms that a Politically Correct civilization cannot stand.

Most people in both Europe and the New World realize that multiculturalism means destruction not only of Western, Christian civilization, but of the people of the West. But the leadership is adamant: Christianity and the tradition of Western civilization must die, and if that means death of the European people, so be it.

Europe's posterity: ME migrants in Budapest. Image source
While childless Angela Merkel,* the creation of her predecessor as German Chancellor, the childless Helmut Kohl, invites literally millions of rabid Muslim males to Germany, the Germany people are failing miserably to reproduce themselves. With a fertility of 1.4 children per female (2.1 being the replacement rate) the immigrants with their weaponized reproductive strategy for the greater glory  of Allah will become the majority in Germany and Europe as a whole within the lifetime of those born today.

And long before that, PC multiculti liberal society and its obsessions with transgenderism, homosexualism, sex "ed", pornography, and gender equality will long be dead: destroyed by those it welcomed into its homelands. But the outcome will not be a revival of Christendom, it will be a victory of a philistine, mediaeval totalitarianism under which the Western world will stagnate for a thousand years.

* Merkel, like Kohl, was a recipient of the Charlemagne Prize, also known as the Treason Prize, which was first awarded to Count Coudenhove-Kalergi who advocated the mogrelization of the European people by mass immigration from Africa and the Middle-East. Other well-known advocates of Western self-destruction and recipients of the Treason Prize include the allegedly childless sex addict, Bill Clinton, who welcomes the demise of America's white majority,  and the childless homosexual, Edward Heath, who took Britain into the European Union on a false prospectus.

It is time now for those in Europe and the New World who seek a future for their own people and posterity to take a stand for Christendom and the civilization of the West.

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