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A Final Solution to the Scotch Question: Genocide by Mass Immigration — A Project of the Scotch Pseudo-Nationalist Party

A story to warm the hearts of self-hating white people: Nine New Migrants to Scotland for Every Native-born Baby Says Office of National Statistics.

According to the above linked Breitbart report, Britain's Office of National Statistcs, the ONS, expects that:
around 14,000 people will arrive in Scotland per year for the next decade, two thirds of whom will come from outside the UK. That equates to nine new arrivals to the country for every baby born in Scotland. (But see note about this claim below)*
And remember many of those few babies born in Scotland will be children of immigrants, which measns that many of those children will go to school without the slightest knowledge of either English or whatever language it is the Scotch Government pretends that the Scottish people speak.

Horrendous though this genocidal mass immigration may sound, the scale of it will disappoint the very left wing nationalist government of Scotland (i.e.,socialist nationalists or NAZIs, or actually pseudoNAZIs for the genocide of their own people), the anticipated number of immigrants to Scotland falling, Breitbart reports:
below the Scottish government’s target of attracting 25,000 newcomers each year, and represents a downgrade on previous population projections, Herald Scotland has reported.
But, Breitbart continues:
the figures may be a gross underestimate. According to the ONS, the projections are “based on the population as of 30 June 2014”, well before Europe’s current migrant crisis got underway. They also only take into account official migration statistics, but do not appear to include any provision for illegal migration, which is notoriously difficult to quantify.
"The lovely lass O' Inverness" in protective gear? What would Robbie Burns
have said? Source
So the Scotch seem pretty well fucked, to put it bluntly — or in many cases, we fear, raped by the welcomed influx of Syrian Jihadis and other likely Muslim lads, if the experience of Swedish girls is anything to go by. But those lovely lasses may be alright if they get with it and put bags over their heads.

Mouthpieces for the Scotch Pseudo-Nazis, will of course scream that this is all racist hate speech directed against helpless strong young Syrian males who wouldn't fight for their country, plus all the other pick-pockets, credit card fraudsters and general-purpose opportunists from Eastern Europe and the Third World who recognize a chance in a lifetime to exploit an oppressed people when they see it.

The reality of an ongoing, government-orchestrated genocide of the European people by mass immigration is now beyond question. The English, in London, Britain's capital and the largest city in Western Europe, have already been made a minority in their own home. The same is true of my father's home town of Leicester, located at the heart of England, likewise Luton and Slough, with Birmingham, Britain's second city, tipping by the end of the present decade, and where already English children are not even the largest minority in elementary school.

And it's not just the Brits. Germans are to be wiped out village by village. The East Europeans, at least, having had previous experience of mass alien assault, are bravely manning the barricades to block the Islamic hordes at the gates of Vienna, Budapest, etc.

Meantime, in Amerika, Hillary apparently advocates the death penalty, but only for whites. Evidently, these bastards — and bitches, not only think they can destroy their own people, but that they can taunt them as the do it.

Meantime, those Commie bastard Chinese have decided that having the Chinese people reproduce themselves is actually a good idea. Well at least that's one thing to cheer for. May be the Scotch could kick out their treasonous pseudo-nationalist government and elect a new one committed to joining the BRICS.

The immigration and birth data for Scotland quoted by Breitbart seem to have been taken not from anything published by the Office of National Statistics, but from this article in the HeraldScotland and are comprehensively wrong. It could be the natural increase in the Scottish population, not Scottish births, that will be exceeded by immigrants in a ratio of 9:1, but even so, that is a catastrophic outlook for a country where the indigenous population has a fertility rate (1.7) well below the replacement rate of 2.1. It would mean a rapidly growing and relatively fertile immigrant population imposed on a contracting indigenous population that would soon be outnumbered and largely eliminated by a process of introgressive breeding.

But even this does not seem to make sense, as an aging population with a below replacement fertility cannot show any natural increase whatever.

In fact, Scotland's birth rate is about 11 per thousand, or about 55,000 births per year. So the correct ratio of immigrants to native-born Scots is around one to two, not nine to one, or perhaps less if the government's objective of 25,000 immigrants plus illegals is met.

Wouldn't it be great if the media could get some of their facts straight.

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