Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Trumponomics, President Biden and the Return of Double Digit Inflation

Trump. First they said he was a clown; then they said he was a racist; then they said he was a misogynist; then they said he was a megawatt personality, but without substance. What they hate most, beside the fact that this interloper had virtually snatched control of the Republican party, is that he is spelling out a national economic strategy. To the ZioCons, national anything is anathema: the self-governing, democratic nation state has to die. To traditional Republicans, anyone talking progressive taxes is anathema.

But if Trump's Quixotic bid for the Republican Party's Presidential nomination is doomed, the prospects never seemed brighter for Joe Biden in his decades long quest for the US Presidency. Hillary is out: only the timing and manner of her withdrawal remain to be determined. Will she withdraw due to health issues, because of a criminal indictment or because she has been taken into custody?

Once in the race, Biden will need a platform that grabs attention. A national economic policy to rival Trump's is just the thing, which is to say Biden will call Trumponomics Bidenomics and use it as his platform. The Democratic Party's very own ZioCon globalists won't like it, but what can the bastards do?

Here's the platform.

Immigration: Restricted to those who will raise America's standard of living, i.e., a eugenic policy admitting only well-trained high IQ folk who can help rev up the domestic economy.

Taxation: (1) an end to the corporation tax, profits to be taxed as dividends in the hands of shareholders, thus inducing billions of corporate profits to be repatriated and invested in America; (2) radical cuts to income tax at the lower end of the income scale, with modest but unavoidable increases in taxation at the upper end of the income scale.

Jobs: An across-the-board tariff on all imports, including oil and other resources, thus inducing a domestic investment frenzy in manufacturing, oil, mining, R and D, software development, and design.

Energy and Environment: (1) Promote energy conservation and carbon emissions reductions with a carbon tax plus a countervailing duty (in addition to the general import tax) on manufactured goods from countries without a carbon tax; (2) Open up both off- and on-shore areas for oil and gas extraction making the US a permanently low-energy-cost manufacturing location; (3) Invest billions in energy tech research: thorium reactors; zero emission coal power; etc.

Education: Cut the PC crap and restore control to state and local authorities.

The outcome? Fed Funds rate at 5% plus, inflation at 5% plus, unemployment down from 16% (U6) to under 5%, US GDP growth rate 10%; US literacy sharply rising; US GDP to double by 2024.

Trump would execute the program more successfully than Biden, but either could do it.


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