Friday, June 19, 2015

The Trashing of Tim Hunt, a Breach of the Social Contract, the Death of a Civilization

Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab: you fall in love with them, they fall in love with you and when you criticise them, they cry. Professor, Sir Tim Hunt, FRS, Nobel Laureate 

What was sexist about the recent comments by Tim Hunt concerning his experience of women in the laboratory?


He was not advocating discrimination. He was not advocating rape. What he said about men and women working in the laboratory was a statement of a sociological fact. It was also a statement of an autobiographical fact; namely, that Hunt divorced his first wife to marry his graduate student.

As for what he said about women crying when they are criticized, that was an unduly broad generalization, but based upon fact. Some women do cry when criticized, a reality that militates against effective discipline in an environment where strict discipline is essential to the success of a challenging enterprise.

So no, contrary to the "sympathetic" public commentary, the feminists did not go too far. They went where they had no business whatever. They mugged an innocent person too politically naive to defend himself.

And the punishment was not too severe, because it was totally unwarranted.

The wonderful elaborations and complexities of Western society were built on the efforts of a few otherworldly geniuses: artists, priests, scientists, inventors, soldiers, sailors and others rare individuals.

Such people are different from you and I: they devote their lives to a vocation. Such people tend to be of childlike simplicity in matters unrelated to their work. They are not savvy in the ways of politics or the games of political correctness.

A society that fails to honor the implicit social contract with such people; a contract that promises honor and protection to those who devote their lives to a calling, can expect to have no great men or women. Moreover it cannot expect to endure as an independent society, since lacking great men it will lack the scientific and technological resources necessary for its own defense, whether against external enemies or internal corruption.

The Hunt affair confirms what much else suggests, that European civilization is in the final stages of disintegration. As yet, not a single important person, for example, the President of the Royal Society, Sir Paul Nurse, the Vice Chancellor of University College London, Professor Michael Arthur, or the President of the European Research Council, Professor Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, has offered an apology to Professor Hunt for the insult he has received at the hands of the institution with which they are associated.

Not one great public figure has yet to speak in Professor Hunt's honor. From the British government, we have this from Minister Nick Morgan:  "If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all." Good God, that's a direct quote from the 1950's Disney cartoon, Bambi. It's Thumper, the rabbit: "If you can't say sumffink nice,  don't say nuffink at all."

And the Minister was directing her rebuke, not at the idiots who have torn down an icon of the scientific establishment, but at the victim himself.

Every summer Brits flock to the Royal Albert Hall to attend the eight-week series of Promenade Concerts, which end with a rendering of Edward Elgar's famous Rule Brittania, with the audience wildly singing that anthem to British greatness, an anthem that ends with the words:

And Briton's never, never, never shall be slaves.

Sadly, the Brits are now unwitting, and therefore absolute, slaves to a Quisling government that speaks in the voice of Micky Mouse; a government that is intent on the genocide of the British people through the Kalergi program of mass immigration, multiculturalism and the suppression of dissent by K-to-middle-age brainwashing in the guise of education; brainwashing that turns out morons who thrill to the spectacle of a distinguished old white European male being tormented by sadistic exponents of political correctness, while the society from which these dupes are sprung undergoes rapid annihilation as a racial and cultural entity.


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