Monday, February 23, 2015

UK's Nigel Farage Throws Opponents of Mass Immigration and Multiculturalism Under the Bus As Nick Griffin Did in 2011

Farage is fighting for a multi-culti Britain of Jews, Christians, Muslims and, presumably, adherents of witch-craft and Voodoo. The only unifying cultural belief that Farage talks of is the "belief in Britain," which seems to mean nothing other than a desire for more Asian immigrants.

Farage, apparently, is about to do what Nick Griffin did during the last election: throw the campaign and destroy the hopes of those foolish enough to believe that UKIP, the party Farage leads, opposes the the racial and cultural genocide of the British people through mass immigration and multiculturalism.

That Farage is a two-faced bastard fronting for the Security Service is strongly suggested by the sheepish expression he wears as he curries favor with this bunch supporters not one of whom appears to be of British descent.


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