Thursday, October 23, 2014

Parliament Hill Shooting: Muslim Terrorist Fails to Kill Canadian Cabinet

How handy. Just as the Harper government has recommitted Canada to The War on Terror (TWAT) by sending the RCAF to bomb Iraq, an alleged Muslim terrorist, rifle in hand, enters Ottawa's Parliament buildings unopposed, and begins shooting, coming within meters, it is reported, of the Prime Minister and other members of the cabinet.

I have to say that if the shooter had wiped out not only the Cabinet but also the entire opposition front bench I would not have grieved. Such a bunch of mediocrities could surely be replaced without the difficulty.

But shooting people is wrong, and the Prime Minister's characterization of the shooter as a Muslim terrorist raises the question of how the public should view the event.

Do we need stricter anti-terrorism measures, transforming Canada into a US-style police state with our very own homeland security forces supplied with enough hollow-point bullets to wipe out every Canadian five times over?

And what about Islam? Maybe we'd be best to abandon our all-embracing religion of political correctness and return to our roots as a fundamentally Christian country that respects the great traditions of the West and in particular the Christian commitment to truth, beauty and justice.

To that end, a bit of intolerance may not be a bad thing if the alternative is disruption to our whole way of life. For example, perhaps we should simply outlaw Islam. After all, how many Canadians really want to live next door to a polygamous family of armed terrorists whose women dress in tents.

But then it has been suggested (and here, and here) that the Ottawa shooting could be just another Gladio-type event to manage public perception, perfectly timed to justify Stephen Harper's latest mission to bomb Muslims, and the government's plan to enhance the powers of the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service.

So far as I am aware, there is no convincing direct evidence that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Parliament Hill shooter, was an actor, witting or otherwise, in a false flag attack. More reasonable, it seems to me, is media consensus that Bibeau was a mentally unstable Islamist angered by Canada's commitment to war on Muslims in Iraq.

This conclusion is consistent with the fact that thousands of European Muslims have volunteered for service with ISIS (and here) where they are waging war against Western-backed governments or factions and in some cases fighting directly with the forces of their own country of origin.

That being the case, my argument for barring Muslims from immigrating to Canada and for banning the preaching of Islam in Canada stands. Not that I have anything personally against moderate Muslims in Canada some of whom I know personally and whom I regard as fine people. But Islam is not merely a religion is also a political system and the assumption that Western Muslims can be tamed to the point that their religion is as meaningless as Episcopalianism or Anglicanism is unwarranted.

Given the chance, Muslims will always turn aggressively political and seek to dominate the society in which they live. Anyone in Canada who doubts this should listen to Shahid Malik, Britain's Justice Minister in the government of Tony Blair:



Herald News:
Stephen Harper hid in broom closet during Ottawa shooting

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Harper sorry for hiding in closet then doing a bunk

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