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Ukraine and the War for the World

The following comment by M.K. Ngoyo, which I have lifted directly from a discussion on the Saker's blog, provides a useful framework within which to understand the present struggle in Ukraine and the fundamental strengths and weakness of the US Empire and its adversaries.
Russia and China must realize the deadly seriousness of the trap that has been set for them in Ukraine.

The US has finally woken up to the massive blunder that they made at the end of the cold war. Believing thoroughly their own victory propaganda along with that nonsense by Francis Fukuyama about the end of history, they allowed, first, the rise of China and then the reemergence of Russia.

Well now the West is back, and they intend to finish the job. Once and for all. What the West is fighting for in Ukraine is the survival of its system of imperial domination of the world. Which is to say its fighting for the source of its wealth, its way of life, its very identity, as established over the last 500 years. In this struggle there will be no compromise. All such moves will be illusory. Russia may expect and ask for quarter, but no quarter will be given.

In the long term and strategically speaking, the real challenge to the West is not really Russia. It is China. But to defeat China, the West must first defeat Russia.

The West's strategy for defeating China is to control its air supply. Its access to resources and markets around the world. Once this choke-hold is established, then pressure can be applied or relaxed as needed to bring China to its knees or harness it as a work horse for the West.

However, the imperial hand will never fully encircle China's neck so long as Russia is a powerful and independent state, capable of acting in its own best interests. The West may chase China out of Africa, Latin America, South Asia etc but a free Russia will always be capable of supplying China will all raw materials as well as access to markets.

Therefore, the road to defeating China goes right through Moscow. Like it as not the West must tread this path, and they know this. The West must defeat Russia if it is to survive as global master.

But they don't have to defeat Russia militarily. I believe what they want is the "Yeltsinization" of Russia. They just need to break Russia's will to resist, bring it under their remote control and they will be able to complete their grip on China.

The strategy is simple, embroil Russia in a series of permanent crises on its border. Both without and within the Russian border. They don't need to take control of Ukraine, they just need to threaten that, chronically and credibly.

After Ukraine the member of the Customs Union can expect their own Maidans. They may as well start preparing now. The other 'stans in central Asia may also expect Maidans.

Russia exhausted by an endless succession of crises within its sphere of influence will be brought to heel and turned against China.

The only hope that I see for Russia and China is the quality of their current leadership.

The political leadership of both China and Russia is of a very high calibre as compared to what is to be found in the US and other Western countries. I believe they can escape the trap that has been laid for them, but it won't be easy.

Putin, above all, must step up to the challenge of global leadership. The world is waiting for this, indeed crying silently for it.

This is no time to focus on domestic Russian concerns. Putin must challenge the West on its own domestic situation, corruption and soulless culture. Putin must seize the leadership of the West's, dispossessed and disillusioned.

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