Thursday, May 29, 2014

The More the West Looks Like Detroit, the More It's Winning

Can anything be more disgusting than hearing that filthy rich, senile slimebag, George Soros, the Jew whose happiest days were spent betraying Hungarian Jews to the Nazis during WWII, explaining how the civil war that he and other Anglo-Zionist imperialist oligarcharchs are driving in Ukraine with the aid of Nazi death squads, people directly linked with the mass murder of Kiev's Jews during WWII, is a war on Russian Nazism?

Meantime, while Russia's detractors sneer that Russia's GDP is barely larger than that of Italy, America's GDP shrinks, even according to official estimates, whereas Russia's GDP has quadrupled in the last 15 years, outpacing even China's. True America's GDP per capita is three times Russia's, but in what exactly does the American advantage consist?

Healthcare at 20% of GDP and rising strongly under the impetus of "Obamacare," versus 10% or less in other, healthier developed countries such as Slovenia, and only 7% in Russia, where the chief health problems are to do with bad lifestyle choices, drugs, vodka and AIDS, not lack of healthcare spending.

But then there's education. No country surely spends more than the US, especially on salaries of university presidents and football coaches, even though American professors mostly disdain teaching, leaving it to desperate adjuncts on minimum wage to educate the next generation of American scientists and engineers, assuming anyone in America bothers to study the hard subjects now that manufacturing has been largely off-shored for the maximization of profits at WalMart, IBM, Apple, etc.

Meantime, at the imperial periphery, youth unemployment nudges 50%, in Greece, Spain and Italy, and, among black youth, back in the homeland too.

Apparently, this is the way forward. Chaos abroad, mass unemployment and social decay at home.But according to the leadership it's better than being Nazi — But of course we have to work with, and act like, Nazis, the better to beat them.

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