Saturday, May 31, 2014

Snowden, Assange and Chomsky, 9/11 and the People's Right to Know What Government Does in Their Name

During a recent NBC News interview, former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, remarked in unaired comments (now on U-Tube) concerning 9/11:
... what they [the 9/11 Commission] found, in the post-mortem, when they looked at all of the classified intelligence from all of the different intelligence agencies, they found that we had all of the information we needed as an intelligence community, as a classified sector, as the national defense of the United States to detect this plot. We actually had records of the phone calls from the United States and out. The CIA knew who these guys were. The problem was not that we weren’t collecting information, it wasn’t that we didn’t have enough dots, it wasn’t that we didn’t have a haystack, it was that we did not understand the haystack that we have.
Interesting, isn't it. All these heroic defenders of the people's right to be informed, Chomsky, Assange, and now Ed Snowden, have no doubts about the official story on 9/11: those 19 Muslim fanatics with box cutters did it all on their own, defeating the world's most expensive air defense system in the process.

What's more, Snowden, as he has now confessed, was (still is?) a spy for the CIA and NSA. Makes you wonder dunnit: is that heroic defender of the people's right to know, Julian Assange, CIA too? Some astute people certainly think so. Why not Chomsky too? The dean of leftist criticism of the American Empire, he had the perfect cover to visit Latin America, meet the leftists and revolutionaries, return home and shop them.

In fact, it would be bizarre — evidence indeed of gross incompetence — for the United States of Artifice, not to dominate the alt. media and the lib-left activist space with pseudo-revolutionaries and leftist fakesters.

And now not only Noam Chomsky, but also Daniel Ellsberg of the CIA, comes to the support of Ed Snowden,

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