Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ukrainian PM, Arse Yatsenyuk: A Globalist Stooge Funded by Chatham House, NATO, and the US State Department

The Canadian International
Council: your bank
promoting globalization.
Open Ukraine: The Arse Yatsenyuk Foundation "Partners." Check out those partners.

And speaking of Chatham House, that's the public face of Cecil Rhodes' secret society for global empire.

Founded in the 1890's, the Cecil Rhodes project for Anglo-Saxon global empire still thrives. Only yesterday, the public face of the Canadian branch, the Canadian International Council, ran a full-page ad. in the Globe and Mail announcing "The April 19th, Globalist of the Year Gala honoring Dr. Lawrence H. Summers."

Who finances this globalist conspiracy? The bankers of course, including, in Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank and Scotia Bank.

They must be proud of their Nazi friends in Kiev.

But see this (via Aangirfan): Propaganda Psy-Op? “Worldwide Wave of Action” The “Global Spring” Begins

Very scarey professional-grade propaganda by the New World Ordure for global revolution.

The release of The “Global Spring” Begins likely explains the timing the Canadian International Institute's "coming out."

It looks as though World War III has now been launched. If so, it appears that it is to be a full-scale fourth generation war in which:
[the] battlefield is likely to include the whole of the enemy's society. Such dispersion, coupled with what seems likely to be increased importance for actions by very small groups of combatants, will require even the lowest level to operate flexibly on the basis of the commander's intent.

Second is decreasing dependence on centralized logistics. Dispersion, coupled with increased value placed on tempo, will require a high degree of ability to live off the land and the enemy.

Third is more emphasis on maneuver. Mass, of men or fire power, will no longer be an overwhelming factor. In fact, mass may become a disadvantage as it will be easy to target. Small, highly maneuverable, agile forces will tend to dominate.

Fourth is a goal of collapsing the enemy internally rather than physically destroying him. Targets will include such things as the population's support for the war and the enemy's culture. Correct identification of enemy strategic centers of gravity will be highly important.

In broad terms, fourth generation warfare seems likely to be widely dispersed and largely undefined; the distinction between war and peace will be blurred to the vanishing point. It will be nonlinear, possibly to the point of having no definable battlefields or fronts. The distinction between "civilian" and "military" may disappear. Actions will occur concurrently throughout all participants' depth, including their society as a cultural, not just a physical, entity. Major military facilities, such as airfields, fixed communications sites, and large headquarters will become rarities because of their vulnerability; the same may be true of civilian equivalents, such as seats of government, power plants, and industrial sites (including knowledge as well as manufacturing industries). Success will depend heavily on effectiveness in joint operations as lines between responsibility and mission become very blurred. Again, all these elements are present in third generation warfare; fourth generation will merely accentuate them.
William S. Lind and others, Marine Corps Gazette

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