Thursday, March 13, 2014

Ukraine Update March 14, 2014

Daniel Patrick Welch: The Dark Ages Have Descended Anew
What the US has done in Ukraine is beyond criminal, and it is being painted the other way around by every media outlet except those outside of the western bubble. 
Occidental Observer: The Germans refuse to play Ball
The German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel (Daily Mirror) launched an online survey on March 6th, asking its readers in faulty German of how the West should react with regard to Russia’s incursions into Ukraine. What follows were the different answers from which the readers could choose.

By four o’clock in the afternoon, 9420 readers had answered the survey, and what they had to say filled the presstitutes from the Tagesspiegel with sheer horror.  Because only a puny four percent, and we know who those are, favoured a military intervention by NATO forces. Whereas a staggering seventy eight percent believed that Western  hacks like Kerry or Merkel were mere hypocrites and that Russia defended indeed legitimate interests.

So what happened? At four o’clock and five minutes, the survey was abruptly taken off the net  and never seen again. LOL
WUFYS: Unrest in Ukraine part of NATO's expansion plan

Nicholas, James Pell: A Newer, Better Cold War

Zero Hedge: Where The Russian Troops Are - The Full "Pre-Takeover" Infographic

Michel Chossudovsly [Interview]: The Neoliberal Neo-Nazi Coup in Ukraine. The World is at a Dangerous Crossroads

Robert Perry: Crimea’s Case for Leaving Ukraine

Peter Dale Scott: The State, the Deep State, and the Wall Street Overworld

Interfax: Arse Yatsenyuk, Scientologist?

FT: Austria arrests Ukraine oligarch Dmitry Firtash at US request
Understand, we don't give a $h!t about the law, we're arresting this guy to intimidate Putin.

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