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Ukraine: Just One Step in the Assimilation of Eurasia by the New World Order, February 22, 2014: In the Weekend National Post, Baron Conrad Black of Crossharbour in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Neocon, ex-con, ex-Canadian, ex-member of the Order of Canada, former media tycoon, etcetera, etcetera, explains the place of Ukraine in the New World Order project for the assimilation of Eurasia:
The West must always resist oppression, and must now embrace and assist its friends in Ukraine, not only from compassion for them, but to bring closer the adherence of Holy Mother Russia to the West and to stretch the West from the Americas across the Eurasian land mass to the Far East and Australasia.
Social Nationalists (Svoboda) with chains and cobble stones in Kiev. Source
Forget the motherhood phrases about resisting oppression, about assisting friends, about compassion, and what you have is a statement of New World Order policy, which is the unrelenting assimilation of the former Soviet Empire in successive slices. First the Soviet satellites were assimilated by the EU and Nato, then the Baltic states, then the Balkans, now is the turn of Ukraine, to be followed most likely by Belarus, and then the Caucuses, and on, and on.

How is this to be accomplished? By a new kind of imperialism as spelled out years ago in a newspaper article by Tony Blair’s then foreign policy advisor, Robert Cooper.
The most logical way to deal with chaos, and the one employed most often in the past, is colonisation. But this is unacceptable to postmodern states. Empire and imperialism are words that have become a form of abuse and no colonial powers are willing to take on the job, though the opportunities – perhaps even the need – for colonisation is as great as it ever was in the nineteenth century. Those left out of the global economy risk falling into a vicious circle. Weak government means disorder and that means falling investment.

All the conditions for imperialism are there, but both the supply and demand for imperialism have dried up. And yet a world in which the efficient and well-governed export stability and liberty seems eminently desirable.

What is needed is a new kind of imperialism, one compatible with human rights and cosmopolitan values: an imperialism which aims to bring order and organisation but which rests today on the voluntary principle.

We already have voluntary imperialism of the global economy through institutions such as the IMF and the World Bank. These multilateral institutions provide help to states wishing to find their way back into the global economy and into the virtuous circle of investment and prosperity. In return they make demands which, they hope, address the political and economic failures that have contributed to the original need for assistance.
Again, forget the self-justifying imperialist verbiage about, for example, “The most logical way to deal with chaos,” which assumes that which has to be demonstrated, namely, that one country or imperialist block has the right, let alone the responsibility, to determine the future of another. And forget the crocodile tears about weak government meaning falling investment, which actually refers to the profit opportunities currently denied to international finance, which drives the NWO. Then you have a plain statement of the new imperialist strategy, which is to provoke, within target states, a popular demand, or at least the appearance of a popular demand, for “human rights and cosmopolitan values,” which is to say, promotion of homosexuality and every other form of non-reproductive recreational sex, pornography and Western atheistic decadence, to be undertaken in parallel with the covert multi-billion-dollar financing of opposition groups headed by fifth columnists with an eye to the main chance.

Other tactics include provoking the legitimate authorities to violence against agitators, if necessary using sharpshooters to kill demonstrators and police* to excite the mob to a state of hysteria and the police or military to a state of trigger-happy anger.

Then, if all else fails, resort is made to the NWO standby policies of economic blockade such as cost half a million children’s lives in Iraq under the Clinton administration, and R-2-P, the alleged responsibility to protect allegedly oppressed people, a totally non-existent principal of international law, deployed to justify murderous aerial bombardment of any government that remains standing after prolonged internal subversion from abroad, e.g., Saddam’s Iraq, Gaddhafi’s Libya, or Assad’s Syria.

The Ukraine now teeters on the edge of chaos created by US-led NWO order intervention. Dupes of the propaganda believe they are campaigning for independence, an independence they laughably hope to achieve by submitting to the undemocratic rule of the European Union.

The bureaucratic class in the Ukraine no doubt expects that membership of the EU will net them greatly increased real incomes and index-linked pensions, as for some it may. But for the mass of Ukrainians, assimilation will mean austerity and mass unemployment, as in Greece, Italy, and Spain, while for international finance it will provide the long-awaited opportunity to buy up Black Sea water front for pennies on the dollar, take over the resources of the Crimea, and the rich agricultural land of Ukraine. In addition, the best and the brightest, including those lovely girls displaying themselves in naked protest in Berlin and elsewhere, will get their EU passports, which means never having to return home again.

There is, however, a downside to this phase of the war for global hegemony. Ukraine has for hundreds of years been an integral part of Russia, Kiev being the founding capital of Russia in the Tenth Century. Eastern Ukraine is Russian-speaking with a large Russian minority, and is home to Russia’s Black Sea naval base of Sevastapol (now under lease from Ukraine). Moreover, Russia remains a great nation still in possession of a potentially world-destroying nuclear arsenal, and a government intent on maintaining its own sphere of interest in Eurasia. Thus the drive for global empire can be pursued only at the risk of world war.
And as Patrick Buchanan notes, the campaign against the legitimate, democratically elected government of Ukraine is undermining whatever credibility the US may once have had within its own sphere of influence as a champion of democracy, freedom and decency. This is evident in the decision of Little Iceland to abandoned the quest for EU membership, in the inclination of Hungarians now to look to Russia as a counter to the suffocating denial of freedom under the globalist yoke, and in the desire of the majority of citizens in Britain, Ireland, Netherlands and France to escape from EU control.

*Early reports by the New York Times, the BBC and others said a number of police had been killed as well as demonstrators during violent protests in Kiev’s Independence Square. But all mention of police killed seems to have been scrubbed from most subsequent Western media reports.

PostScript: Confessions Of the Maidan Snipers
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