Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is Blogger My Friend?

Blogger is a free service provided by Google that allows people like CanSpeccy to self-publish whatever they like at no charge. The software is well designed and spares one most of the effort associated with managing an independent Web site.

It is reasonable, however, to assume that Google provides this service not as an expression of community spirit, but solely to generate revenue for Google, which it may do in various ways, including the placement of Google ads on participating blogs.

The opportunity to earn advertising revenue is not one of which all, or even many, bloggers seem to avail themselves. In part this reluctance may be due to the fact that unless you have a readership equivalent to that of the National Enquirer, it takes a time equal to the age of the universe before your ad earnings reach the minimum payout value of one hundred dollars.

In addition, Google's adsense software seems clueless at finding appropriate ads to associate with particular blogposts. You write piece denouncing the Illumnati, the US Federal Reserve and the international bankers plot and Adsense will append and ad for, say, Rothschild's Private Wealth Management, which totally demolishes one's revolutionary cred. — as may well be the intention..

Then there is the question of Google and the NSA. For all one knows, Google is paid to pass ones most intimate blogged thoughts to the US Government's most clandestine spy agency in return for cold hard cash. Admittedly, NSA could just read my blog, but they're probably too busy, so if Google does it for them, that's not being so friendly.

But what really puzzles me is why Google does nothing to prevent multiple hits from vampirestat.com, adsensewatchdog.com, zombiestat.com, secretsearch.com and and other sites that have been described as:
worthless scumbag referrer spam-bots. Automated, unattended software programs [that] generate supposed “hits” on your site. They do not represent any human visitors and are not of any interest whatsoever. Do not visit the referring sites, because there is a high probability of malware …
Why, I would like to know, does Blogger not block these sites, which can make nonsense of one’s usage states? If anyone can offer clarification about this — Sergey Brin? Larry Page? — I’d be glad to hear from them.

In the meantime, I'm reserving judgement on whether Blogger is my friend.


  1. i read that perhaps these companies are straw-men set up by google to increase traffic to websites so they can charge more to advertisers. that seems to be the only logical explanation due to the overwhelmingly huge task this would actually be to carry out. #911truth

    1. That Google neither blocks these spambots nor, to my knowledge, offers any explanation for its failure or inability to block them seems difficult to explain except in terms such as you suggest.