Monday, September 30, 2013

Will Israel Assassinate Obama for Letting Slip the Chance to Smash Syria?

Robert Fisk reports in the Independent that The Free Syrian Army is holding talks with Assad's senior staff with a view to rejoining the Government side.

This is terrible news for Israel's Netenyahu, who wants Iran's ally, Syria, demolished now so that  America can then be driven to war with Iran.

And it reflects badly on US President Obama. Everything was set for a NATO bombardment of Syria. Assad helpfully gassed his own people, so the US claims, just as the UN inspectors arrived, thus providing Obama and the Coalition of the Willing, i.e., only France, the righteous justification they needed for the destruction of a nation.

But Barmy blinked. A large majority of Americans opposed an American assault on Syria and, perhaps hoping to avoid the fate of Britain's Phoney Blair, the great warmonger and faker of intelligence who became the man most hated by his own countrymen, President Hopey Changey turned the question of war or peace over to Congress. Let those paid agents of AIPAC take the flack for another criminal war of aggression, he must have thought.

Obama's prayer, a written prayer,
stuck in Jerusalem's Western wall.
Then Putin stepped in and produced a deal on chemical weapons that the Coalition of the Killing could not refuse, and which convinced many Americans that Pooters is quite a bit sharper than  Bam.

After that, perhaps wishing not to be outdone by Putin, O'Bomber turns total peacemaker and talks on the phone to the Zionist incarnation of the Devil, Iran's President Rouhani. And talks in Farsi, for God's sake, prompting NutterYahoo to demand that America quit futzing about and  attack Iran without further delay.

So what happens now? Will Obama go on to prove that American interests trump Israel's in the determination of American foreign policy?

Or will the Zionists kill him, as some have previously urged, confidant that the Zionist shill, Biden, will prove a more trustworthy agent of Israel?

Obama has to be aware of the risk he is running, as his Jerusalem prayer makes clear.

On the outcome of this standoff between Obama and Netenyahoo, I'm with the Peace Prize winner: vivre Obama.

But then I'm kind of naive:

Image source.

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  1. Interesting post !

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  2. Yes thanks.

    The very idea Obummer may yet become a wild card is a good way to start the month that ends with Devils Night.