Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stephen Harper, Obarmy's Anti-Russian Mouthpiece

At the June G8 summit in Northern Ireland Harper said:
This is G7 plus one.
The one being Russia, who, Harper said, was supporting the thugs of the Assad regime.

What Harper didn't say, naturally, was that the "thugs of the Assad regime" were being supported by Russia against Al Qaeda-dominated rebel forces.  Yes, that's right, the Al Qaeda that supposedly brought down the Twin Towers and provided the US the justification required for invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Now Harper's sounding off on Russia's "anti-gay law." Speaking in Miramichi, N.B., the Prime Minister said:
Canadians expect his government to defend human rights
Which may be so. Although is it, really?

Do Canadians expect their government to go round the World like Sir Galahad on a white charger righting all wrongs at whatever cost in blood and treasure?

Maybe not.

Perhaps Canadians agree with David Henry Thoreau who said it is not possible to prevent all the evil in the World.

In which case, perhaps Canadians think that the government of Canada should stick to promoting human rights in Canada and leave the internal affairs of Russia to the Russians. Stephen Harper might, for example, make some effort to resolve Indian land claims, an issue concerning human rights if ever there was one.

But still if the crimes against humanity are grave enough, perhaps we have to stand up for the poor oppressed Russians.

So what, exactly, did Harper have to say?
Canada is not a country where people are jailed or killed for their political positions or for engagin in certain consensual acts between adults.
Well, hey, what's going on. Are the Russians really jailing and killing queers?

Well, actually, no, according to Pravda:
The first point is to get things straight regarding the legal framework covering all citizens in Russia. The age of consent in Russia is 16 years of age, regardless of sexual orientation; transsexuals and transgender persons are allowed to change their legal gender, homosexuality is not regarded as a mental illness and it is not a criminal offence under Russian law; single persons can adopt children whatever their sexual orientation, while homosexuals can serve in the armed forces without any type of restriction.

Secondly, let us examine the law in question that was passed recently by 436 votes in favour and zero against with one abstention by Russia's DUMA, or Parliament: it is a law which bans the propagation of non-traditional sexual activities among minors. In other words, it is a law which prohibits the distribution or dissemination of homosexual acts, among children.

So, suppose those who are making this bru-ha-ha about the Winter Olympics and are talking of boycotting them, considered how they would feel if someone showed graphic images of same-gender sexual activities to their children? One can only consider that they would stand back and applaud?

The third point in question here is that of cultural values and respect for these in context. Russian society today stands solidly behind traditional family values, and as a rule Russian society today does not understand, or condone, same-sex marriage or unions. Period. It is not for the west to complain about it, any more than it is up to the average Russian citizen to launch a campaign against London because it is still illegal today to run or sing in the Burlingdon Arcade between Piccadilly and Cork Street.
Now Pravda may be full of lies, as it always used to be when the Soviet press was about as truthful as the New York Times is today, but what is stated above is confirmed by the Toronto Star, specifically that the Russian law is aimed at preventing homosexual recruitment among children.

Thus, the Star reports:
...fines can now be imposed on those who provide information about the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to minors or hold gay pride rallies
Which is something quite different from jailing and killing queers, and indicates that Stephen Harper was engaging in ridiculous lying propaganda reminiscent of the Cold War rhetoric spewed by the heads of the more trivial satellites of the Soviet Union.

And the reason for Harper's Russo-phobic hate speech is not hard to understand. Harper wants concessions from the US on oil pipelines and other issues and the Russians are deeply displeasing to America, the global hegemon.

The Russians perversely insist on family friendly policies with the aim of rebuilding a population badly depleted by a murderous Communist tyranny, decimated by the Nazi's during WW2 and severely reduced, after the fall of the Soviet Union, by an economic liberalization policy devised by Harvard Neocons, which  led to the premature death of millions.

Worse, the Russians won't open their borders to mass migration. They want to keep Russia Russian for God's sake, the filthy racists.

How can the nations of the Earth be reduced to a mongrelized mass ripe for enslavement by the global plutocracy if those Russian bastards won't commit to national self genocide?

The (Toronto) Globe and Mail (aka the Toronto Gay Male), in its coverage of Harper's attack naturally makes no attempt to expose the facts of the case that make a mockery of Harper's statement.

No wonder newspaper sales are falling. The Globe and Mail should consider Jon Rappoport's suggestion on how to revive the business: "Try telling the truth."

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