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Some Links: Week of August 5, 2013

Nicholas Blincoe: Zealot by Reza Aslan, (Book Review)
Includes the video interview with the highly articulate, Iranian-American, Muslim, academic author that launched this book on its trajectory to the top of both the Amazon bestseller lists and the New York Times Top Ten.

The New York Times review of Zealot by Dale Martin is more critical of Aslan's scholarship and conclusions.
NY Times: The Scientism of Steven Pinker: Deeply Incurious Aabout the Ways in Which Human Beings Can Rationally Disagree

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Stupid Europeans

"The youth jobless rate in Greece has just reached 64.9pc.

... Europe has needlessly pushed the whole EMU bloc into a deep double-dip recession, and the longest unbroken contraction since World War Two.
If the EU must maintain a monetary union over a hugely diverse economic zone with limited labor mobility due to language and cultural differences, then a mechanism is required for adjusting wages to maintain an equality of regional competitiveness.

Such a mechanism would be provided by periodic adjustment of all wages, salaries and bonuses on a national or regional basis according to national or regional unemployment rates.

Greece, with a 64% youth unemployment rate evidently needs something like a 50% across-the-board wage cut. The more competitive Germans, and some others, need an across-the-board pay raise to reduce their competitiveness to that of the EMU mean.

Variation in the value of the Euro relative to that of the US dollar, the renminbi, etc., would then adjust the competitiveness of all nations within the Eurozone relative to the rest of the world, thereby insuring low unemployment across Europe.

See also: The Euro: A Weapon of Economic Mass Disruption
Daily Mail: Dawkins Ridicules Muslim Intellectual Achievement Since the Dark Ages
Odd, really, for an evolutionary biologist to value a social system for its capacity for intellectual innovation, rather than its capacity to ensure the survival of those who live by it.

From an evolutionary perspective, Britain's post-Darwinian atheistic, materialistic belief system has been a disaster that has led to policies of self-genocide through the destruction of the family and the promotion of mass immigration. Islamic societies, in contrast, continue to expand in population both internally and beyond their own borders.

A further disastrous development during Britain's post-Christian era has been the transformation of public education from a meritocratic ladder for the advancement of the most intellectually able, to a system whose primary function is politically correct indoctrination, with inevitably, catastrophic consequences for real education in Britain.

In this connection, it is interesting to note that Since Walter Gilbert won a Nobel Prize in 1980, only one indigenous Briton affiliated with Trinity College, Cambridge, England's premier center of scientific research, has won a Nobel Prize in a real science (Dawkins's criterion of intellectual merit). Other Trinity scholars to win a Nobel science prize since 1980 are among the fine non-indigenously British people who now increasingly occupy the main places of power and privilege in Britain's multi-culti, mass-immigration society. For example, Sir Aaron Klug, Subramanyan Chandrasekhar, and Venkatraman Ramakrishnan.

The best hope the English have of surviving as a racial/biological entity may be to convert on mass to Islam. At least then they would be rid of their pro-porn, pro-homosexual, anti-family, anti-reproductive ideology promoted by the likes of Richard Dawkins.
David Lindorff: AG Holder promises Russia That the US will Not Torture US Citizen Edward Snowden
Why does the United States, a country supposedly committed to the rule of law, promise not to torture one of its own citizens when torture is explicitly prohibited by the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution?

Obviously because it is has no commitment to the rule of law and is seen by the World to have no commitment to the rule of law, and thus has been led to the humiliating expedient of promising, in order to get their hands on Edward Snowden, not to torture him.

What makes the incident doubly humiliating to the United States is that their demand that Russia extradite Edward Snowden was rejected, quite reasonably, since as David Lindorff relates, abusive treatment amounting to torture is precisely how the United States Government dealt with Bradley Manning, who has been convicted of crimes similar to those with which Snowden has been accused.
TechnoRev: Perovskite (calcium titanate), the means to grid-priced solar power?

Slime Magazine: Having It All Without Having Children
Source: Reuters
The elite hate children. Your children, or anyone's but their own. Which is why Barmy is mad at Puters for crushing the promotion of homosexuality in Russia. To the genocidal Western states, the only good sex is queer sex, which is what they are determined to teach your kids.

During an era of off-shoring of manufacturing and services, of automation and computerization, what need is there for so many tedious members of the middle-class or slobbish workers, Americans, Brits, Cheese-eating Frenchies or whatever? Obviously there is none. They just take up space and use the resources that rich people want for themselves.

So just keep feeding them the porn, cut their real earnings through massive money creation, and encourage every kind of perversion of the sexual impulse. As for the work that needs to be done, bring in Third Worlders who work for less, and set the masses against one another, immigrant versus "racist" native born, instead of against their crooked masters.

Hooray for Barmy the Perversion President.

Meantime, pushing the queer agenda in the Arab world is the Nazi jew George Soros.
HuffPo: Canada's Surveillance State Equates Protest to Terrorism
And is it terrorism to mention the fact?

What a bunch of fuckers the Harper government is.

Or rather what a pathetic groveling bunch of US-terror-state arse-lickers they are.

Ted Rall: Why Do We Admire Celebrities?

Take, for example, the Clinton family. To Guantanamo, ideally.

Jewish Daily Forward: How Mugabe Fixed the Zimbabwe Election

Steve Keen: The Self-Destruction of Economics
Stephen Leacock, head of the department of economics at McGill University, said about the same thing in 1936:

I think the whole science is a wreck and has got to be built up again. For our social problems there is about as much light to be found in the older economics as from a glowworm
FT: In The Three Years Since Cameron Became UK Prime Minister Average Wages in Britain Have Fallen 6660 Pounds

Real wages have fallen in 36 of the 37 months since David Cameron became prime minister, according to new data. The figures suggest the average worker will have lost the equivalent of £6,660 in that period.
Wow! Who could have guessed that exporting the manufacturing sector and much of the service sector to the Third World while bringing in millions of Third Worlders to undercut the wages of British workers would have lowered wages?

No, folks, this is all very surprising. It could never have been predicted. Heck, not a single Nobel Economics prize winner predicted it.

But, hey, look on the bright side: corporate profits are up, for as David Ricardo said long ago, "wages and profits, together, are always the same," or more directly, wages down, means profits up — as a matter of logical necessity.

And if anyone thinks a Western democracy is run for the benefit of wage earners ... LOL.

No, if democracy meant anything in Britain today, Cameroon and a number of his predecessors would by now have been consigned to the Tower of London pending a public beheading.
Wapo: Bezos buys WAPO

Bezos, whose entrepreneurship has made him one of the world’s richest men, will pay $250 million in cash for The Post and affiliated publications to the Washington Post Co., which owns the newspaper and other businesses.
Is anyone rich enough to buy a newspaper a fit person to own one?

No doubt most of the public is sufficiently brainwashed by the media to think a billionaire is the ideal person to control a major organ of the "free" press.

Amazon, founded by Bezos, ranks among the biggest spenders among high-technology companies seeking to influence the work of the federal government.

“They have a huge number of issues before the federal government and now he’s bought the hometown paper for covering those politicians,” said Bill Allison, editorial director for the Sunlight Foundation, a Washington-based watchdog group. “There’s always a concern you’re going to have a conflict when you have wealthy publisher. Given all of Amazon’s issues, it’s hard to see where Bezos won’t have a conflict.” (Source: Bloomberg).
Mish: Young Adults Living at Home at Record High, Percent Married Heading Down

Mish: Full-time US Employment Down Over Five Million Since 2007
And compared with 2007, there are now 13 million more people of working age.

Yep, globalization is GOOD.

Now Americans don't have to do crappy jobs like make shoes and shirts, computers and car parts for one another.

Instead, they have time for better things, collecting welfare, or running up student loans, for example.

And fighting racists who think national policy should serve the interests of the native population not the global plutocracy and their business school mouth-pieces who insist on the freedom of the rich to manufacture where wages and workplace safety are lowest, sell where prices are highest, and take profits where taxes can be avoided altogether.
Mish: Meantime, IMF Projects Spain Unemployment Will Remain Above 25% for 5 Years

Steve Sailer: Robots Take Jobs of Human Signs

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