Thursday, June 20, 2013

When Opposing Genocide Is Racism

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  1. Colonialism come full circle.

    1. Not really.

      British colonialism was rarely genocidal.

      How many Brits, for example, settled in India, in the African colonies, or in Hong Kong?

      There was British settlement in North America, Australia and Southern Africa, but these were wide open spaces. Moreover, the rights of the indigenous peoples in those regions were, at least theoretically, acknowledged and protected.

      Today in Canada, for example, the Innu have a self-governing territory, Nunavut, that is eight times the size of Britain with a population that is more than 83 % native, and which has the highest birthrate in Canada.

      The Indian first nations of Canada also have recognized claims to vast tracts of territory in Southern Canada and have every prospect of surviving and thriving as independent nations within the Canadian Federation, a prospect only blighted by their own inept or corrupt leadership.

      What is happening in Britain is something quite different to colonization. Mass immigration is a policy of genocide imposed by the elite, as part of the project to reduce the world to a system of corporate/financial control.

      The greatest threat to a system of global financial feudalism is the sovereign nation state, i.e., a nation governed exclusively in the interest of its own people, which must, therefore, be destroyed.

      Conquest by division is the method of national genocide being deployed in Britain and throughout Europe.

      The national trivialities of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales will be torn away from the UK one by one, then the English, the only economically and politically significant national group in Britain, will be largely eliminated through demographic competition with reproductively aggressive immigrant groups, and suppressed culturally by the imposition of multi-culturalism

      What we are witnessing is the reduction of the mass of humanity to the status of unwitting slavery. The notion of democracy, according to which nations are governed in the interests of the people, has long been expunged by the notion of government in the interests of the globalist elite.

      Britain's political system is a pseudodemocracy run by shills and PR hacks, well rewarded after office for their service to the money power.

      But no doubt the silly notion that the Brits are now getting what they deserve as payback for their colonial past is applauded by the agents of politically correct mind-control.

  2. Or to be more explicit, British policy never sanctioned genocide, until the present day, that is, when the overriding objective of domestic policy appears to be the destruction of the English nation as a racial, cultural and religious identity.

    Moreover, in the past, brutalities and atrocities committed by British officials administering overseas territories were liable to severe censure in Parliament and the press. For example, the 7-year-long impeachment proceedings against Warren Hastings, the first British Governor General of Bengal, and the outcry over the Amritsar Massacre, described by Winston Churchill in Parliament as:

    "an episode without precedent or parallel in the modern history of the British Empire... an extraordinary event, a monstrous event... "

    Yet today, neither Parliament nor press raises a murmur of dissent about the treason of the elite in bringing about the ethnic cleansing of the English, now a minority many of their great cities including London, Leicester, Bradford, and Birmingham.