Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sixty Years of British Brutality, Stupidity, and Genocidal Self-Destruction

(A) Brutality

This month, UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague, admitted what has long been know that Kenyans were tortured in the 1960's during the Mau Mau uprising against British Colonial rule.

Meantime the United Nations Torture Watchdog has called on Britain to widen and speed up investigations into allegations that British forces tortured detainees in Iraq and Afghanistan and prosecute those responsible.

Which is to say that torture remains standard practice with Britain's armed forces, a fact curiously never mentioned by Britain's heroic, self-proclaimed, anti-torture "whistle-blower," and advocate of the New World Order, former UK Ambassador, Craig Murray.

(B) Stupidity

The Mismanagement of Britain, a report by a former UK Treasury official concludes that:

• [Since 1970] The UK has experienced a long run decline in its general international competitiveness – not just against the emerging economies of the Far East, but also against other advanced economies.

• There has been an increasing deficit in the UK trading account in general goods and services funded mainly by North Sea oil revenue in the1980s and reliance on the financial sector since the 1990s.

• The UK economy has become like a very large bank, with international assets and liabilities that exceed 700 per cent of GDP.

• In three periods (the late 1970s, the late 1980s, and from about 2002 to 2008), the exchange rate was allowed to appreciate even though internal price levels were rising significantly. Policy-makers appeared blind to the resulting loss of competitiveness and its impact on the manufacturing base of the economy. This seems to be the result of misguided pride in having an apparently strong currency.

• Policy makers ignored that the underlying balance of trade in goods and services, which had been flattered for a time by oil revenues, was deteriorating rapidly: and that the deficit was being covered by borrowing, and by current income, both largely dependent on the financial sector.

• Policy-makers ignored risks the financial sector might pose to the economy, and how unstable the tax revenues derived from the financial sector might be.

• Decisions were regularly taken with the primary focus of benefiting or protecting the financial sector, but which were not in the interests of the wider economy.

• Any economy which had, as the UK economy did in 2009, a public sector deficit equivalent to over 11 per cent of GDP is poorly managed.

• The economy has been weakened by the financial sector, which means that the present model of the UK economy is unlikely to cope with the next serious shock to the financial sector.

• Almost a quarter of the UK economy’s external assets (equal to 240% of the UK's GDP) consist in financial derivatives.

• Confidence among international investors in the UK economy is deteriorating.

• The current model of the UK economy is unsustainable.

• The assets and liabilities of the British economy double every nine years relative to GDP. This rate of growth cannot continue indefinitely. When this growth does stop the income of the City of London from managing this growth will drop rapidly.

• The present model of the UK economy is at severe risk of imposing substantial burdens on the UK taxpayer, and could simply collapse.

(C) Genocidal Self-Destruction

The arrival of thousands of workers from eastern Europe has had “great advantages” for Britain, says John Bercow, speaker of Britain's House of Commons.
Bilderberg 2013. The ugly faces of globalization. Source.

In remarks that have raised questions about his political neutrality, the Speaker also attacked British critics of recent trends in immigration for their “bellicose and strident tone”.

What this smarmy cunt ignores is that whereas there are about 50 million Britons, excluding about ten million recent immigrants and their descendants, there are seven billion other people on this planet, which means that for every job in Britain there is something like one Briton versus 140 other potential applicants. From which it follows that not only is every Briton whose been done out of a job by an immigrant less well qualified than the immigrant who took that job but just about every other Briton including the Speaker of the House of Commons is a damn sight less competent than the best possible immigrant who might be found to replace them.

So what is this twat Bercow saying? He's saying fuck the English, if its more profitable to employ a foreigner, that's what we're gonna let every employer, including the gigantic overbloated British Government, do.

Thing is Berky, members of the House of Commons are supposed to represent the common people of England, not the whole goddam population of the world, so what you're saying amounts to treason. which is of course, what the whole British establishment is engaged in. The end game is the abolition of not only Britain as a unified nation, but the destruction of the British people as a single group with a national identity and a cultural, religious and racial homogeneity. Which means that all the blah about diversity amounts to a concerted globalist plan to destroy human diversity, reducing all mankind to one bastard race, lacking the beautiful local adaptation and chance variation that it has acquired through tens of thousands of years of natural selection.

And with the destruction of human diversity, biological and cultural, will be the subjugation of mankind to a culture that is nothing more than a byproduct of the commercial system or a construct of the system of politically correct indoctrination designed to reduce the masses to a slave caste entirely at the disposal of the money power.

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