Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Not sure what to make of this guy. What he says about the postwar fate of Nazi assets is interesting — if true. But how can it be true? He names no names, yet if the Nazis funneled hundreds of billions of stolen asset into corporations formed in neutral countries during the final months of the war, these companies would now be among the largest in the world. So, which are they?

And when he starts talking about other things, you realize he is not a trustworthy source.

Available office space in Bristol in 2011 was 2.3 million square feet, not 15 million as Gosling states. And if office space is overvalued on company books, it has nothing to do with the reason Gosling states. If a company writes down its assets, that does not make it bankrupt, it merely makes it less profitable. A company is bankrupt only when it cannot pay its bills, and that can occur whether its assets are devalued or revalued.

Gosling comments about the Argentinian financial crisis are equally misleading. Funds were not taken out of depositors accounts. What happened was that US dollar accounts were converted to local currency accounts immediately after the $US/Peso peg had been abandoned. Once the peg was abandoned the Peso fell sharply in value, which meant that the purchasing power of deposits in relation to the cost of imports fell sharply.

So it's not clear to me whether Gosling is an incompetent researcher or a shill. The fact that he formerly worked for the BBC might suggest the latter.

Angirfan has more about Nazi Wealth here.


  1. Good video.

    - Aangirfan

    1. As noted in the comments that I have just appended above, I have my doubts as to whether this is a good video.

  2. CS --

    The vid is good in a REVEALING sort of way if one takes the long view.

    Any number of people, Jim Marrs eg, have stated some variation of "the nazis really didn't lose".

    But what sort of "victory" would it be if true? Take the money and HIDE? Let the problems Hitler tried to address get a million times worse? Be a race-based religion that can never leave the catacombs?

    The Nazi Internationale (a real book title) is a bunch of sick, old and dying guys cashing in their last bonds as the European world ends. Suddenly Henry Makow's zany notion that even Hitler was paid off don't seem nuts at all.

    1. Yes, a strange concept of Victory.

    2. Still, an interesting question, how many of those companies supposedly set up to conceal and preserve the Nazis' ill-gotten gains still exist, what they are worth and who controls them.

      But a I can find no list.

      How can the knowledge that 750 companies were founded by Martin Boorman, be combined with a total ignorance of which these companies are? Some, at least of the companies allegedly created to hide several hundred billion in Nazi loot should, today, be gigantic multinationals, with clear past connections to prominent Nazis.

      That no such corporations can be named suggests that the story concerning them may be a fabrication to distract attention from the owners of actual global corporations that are shafting the working people of the Western nations.

    3. Excellent conclusion.

      We have to get used to the idea that diversions are going to get bigger and loopier as the market quakes reach higher magnitudes.

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