Monday, May 20, 2013

Is David Cameron the Worst British Prime Minister Ever?

Islam to Supplant Christianity in Britain within a decade: Christianity has long been, and still is, the dominant religion in the U.K., but stats from a 2011 census study have recently emerged which suggest soon those Brits could be ditching it in favor of Islam. According to the Office for National Statistics, although 50 percent of Brits say they’re a Christian right now, aging believers and an influx of Islamic immigrants over the past decade means that experts predict there’ll be more Muslims than Christians in 10 years.

Meantime, Britain's PM and friends call Party Rank and File "Swivel-Eyed Loons."

And Cameron's big idea, gay marriage, heads for parliamentary defeat.

Breaking news: Cameron the worst British Prime Minister Ever. Even worse than Ted Heath.

And he may be the last British Prime Minister Ever.

David Cameron is judged by the British public to be weak, clueless, indecisive, out of touch and unpleasant.

Mish: Merkel pins Cameron.

Archbishop Cranmer: David Cameroon's Gay Marriage Bill is a threat to religious freedom

Cameron's biggest mistake? Being born, according to Tory MP Patrick Mercer.  

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