Monday, May 13, 2013

Boston Bombing Brings Big Brother Big Bang for the Buck

By Richard Cottrell

Progressive Press, April 22, 2013: This will be - roughly - the line that I'll be taking re Boston.

The powers that be decide on a real time live exercise to discover the mechanics. Needs to know include

- how fast can planners shut down and gain control of a very large and complex city

- how might the population react when subjected to the first total lock down America has ever witnessed (bearing in mind no such thing happened after 9/11, Madrid, London et al, so the 'lessons' learned are obviously portable)

- how ghoulish must the strike be - preferably aimed at innocents abroad enjoying themselves. Location, location, location as they say in the real estate trade.

- how willingly the population will knuckle under and comply with complete cop and military rule, no transport, emergency services, people confined to their homes under fiat order - martial law in all but name with no legit edict

- next is very important:to discover how fast you could subdue a large segment of the population and impose martial law, how much will you share with pliant and obedient sections of the media in advance and in the subsequent cover up

- using this live open-air laboratory, study and note very carefully how people in the rest of America react, not excluding foreign reactions

- gauge carefully where resistance appears to the running script of a terrorist attack and where the holes appear in the narrative that threaten blowback consequences

- what must you do to construct and re-inforce the message and the narrative that allows you to get away with hi-jacking an entire city

- how do you cope with those who start to ask hard questions

- how the temporarily imprisoned respond when the controls are lifted - indignation, civil unrest and so forth, or simple resignation and relief that it 'wasn't much worse'.

So, to summarize, as an agent of the ruling power tasked with running this experiment, what would your plan be and how exactly how would you carry it through?

My response is: the architects must be very pleased with the results. Boston fell for it and America fell for it, and so did Europe and more or less everywhere else. Mass anesthesia

In the middle of of the night my mind drifted back to the huge blast at the fertilizer plant near, of all places (co-incidentally?) Waco, the scene of a previous atrocity (and close I believe to George Bush's ranch). The pictures resemble Hiroshima after the bomb dropped. Waco, Boston overlapped. Did they just leave that explosive stuff lying around or was it set off deliberately, another grisly experiment.

By any standards this was a massive peacetime catastrophe with a lot of horrific casualties and mass devastation, but Boston won the pops when it came to coverage. I think it may have been another test run, and a very clever one in psychological terms at that.

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