Thursday, October 11, 2012

How the NeoCons Made America the Most Hated Nation

The Soviet Empire collapsed not solely because of corruption and decay, but because even the Commie bosses could see that a free society was incomparably more productive and, thus, more powerful than their own ramshackle totalitarian system that was incapable of managing a high tech economy without endless malfunctions, misallocations  and disasters.

Thus the Free World, and particularly the US, won the Cold War.

And as the victor in a near bloodless struggle with a hated system of monstrous tyranny, the US was not only the World's wealthiest and most powerful nation, but the World's most admired nation.The entire World wanted to wear jeans and sneakers, and visit Disney World.

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The Neocon authors of the Project for the New American Century sought to exploit the opportunity thus created to transform America from a wealthy, powerful nation state, where free speech and personal liberty were respected, into a global empire that would serve the interests of an international plutocratic elite. The strategy was simple: to establish American hegemony over the Middle East and Central Asia, where most of the World's proven hydrocarbon energy reserves are located, and thus to control the World by controlling the distribution of energy.

The project was to be self-financing. Profits from the exploitation of the oil and gas reserves to be appropriated would cover the military costs of empire. The payoff was to come in the form of security for corporations operating globally under the terms of the 1994 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, now institutionalized as the World Trade Organization. That is to say, corporations operating with complete freedom to move capital and technology to wherever labor is cheapest and workplace health and safety standards weakest, to move products to wherever profits are highest,  and to move profits were taxes are lowest.

The consequences of the imperialist project have been as follows:

Unlawful killings: Source
America has spent trillions on multiple wars, suffered large numbers of military casualties, including six thousand killed in action and around 150 thousand suicides among war vets.

Globalization of trade has devastated the American and European economic middle-class, roughly the middle 50% of the population, through job losses, loss of job security, or reduction in wages and benefits, all the direct result of allowing Western corporations to move capital, technology and jobs to the Third World, where labor costs remain less than one tenth of those in the West.

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Workers throughout the West have been further harmed by mass Third World immigration, which intensifies competition for work, housing and the use of public facilities including schools, hospitals, highways, etc. As a result, in part, of mass immigration, the people of England now occupy and average of less than half an acre each, or a patch of ground around 45 meters square.

Opposition to war and globalization has been suppressed by (a) false flag attacks on Western nations; (b) the use of terror tactics against citizens, including the sexual assault and X-irradiation of travelers by the US TSA, (c) the firing of academics and journalists who challenge state and corporate propaganda about globalization, imperialism and the rise of Western domestic tyranny.

A genocidal program for the destruction of the nation state, which means concerted efforts to trivialize religious and cultural traditions. To hear it from the corporate lick-spittles such as Tony Blair, there is really no such thing as Christianity, or Islam or Hinduism: they are all one and the same, mere "spirituality."

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So will the United States be forced to blunder on, contrary to the innermost feelings of the great majority of her people? Will the tiny corporate oligarchy, the Soros's the Rockefeller's, the financial pimps and prostitutes at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and the other great financial institutions that largely fund America's presidential elections continue to impose their will through puppet politicians whose elections they finance, the media -- news, books, movies, broadcasting -- that they own, and the education system they control?

Or is the whole edifice of lies, corruption and cruelty about to collapse as did that of the Soviet Union?  

The Nazi TSA welcomes you to the USA
The question is no longer in the hands of the American people, or the people of any other, so-called, democracy. The people are brainwashed, bullied and borne down with economic adversity. They have little understanding, and little energy to fight. Only outright starvation will create a general revolt, and that will be staved off with food stamps.

The question, thus, is in the hands of the elite. A handful of people, really. A few in the military, in the intelligence world and at the top of the financial heap.

Will these people drive the nations of the Earth into a system of eternal slavery?

Or will they acknowledge the horror of what they have wrought and pull back while there is still time to save the beautiful and creative diversity of the nations, races and religions of the World, and allow all nations to pursue their own destiny, within a global system that restores the concept of civility and law in the relations between nations?

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