Monday, August 13, 2012

People Liberals Love to Hate, No. 29: Nationalists

Everyone loves to hate, even a liberal.

Believing that hate itself to be morally repugnant, a liberal can hate only those whose beliefs are morally repugnant.

Fortunately, that is not a problem, since to a liberal, whatever is not liberal is, by definition, morally repugnant.

Among those whom the liberal most loves to hate is the nationalist, for a nationalist is, to a liberal,self-evidently a racist, and a racist is for all practical purposes a white supremacist, and a white supremacist is in effect a Nazi, and a Nazi is the most hateful creature that ever walked this earth.

Thus it is that a liberal can view a nationalist with the orgasmic hatred of a Nazi contemplating a Jew.

Remarkably, this puts the the Zionist Jew, the Prime Minister of England, the Deputy Prime Minister of England and all the other openly avowed gentile supporters of Israel in the same camp as the Nazis, since all are advocates of what is perhaps the world's most virulent nationalism.

Also in the Nazi camp, according to the liberal view of nationalism, are Canada's 600 plus first nations who strive to perpetuate their national identity and racial heritage, revive their cultural tradition, and regain control of their ancestral lands.

Which suggests that there is something genocidal, hateful even, about the liberal view of nationalism.

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